For those of you that loved ‘Godzilla‘ as much as I did and can’t wait for the sequel that Gareth Edwards is set to direct, we’ve got a treat for you! No, it isn’t more hints of what monsters will be in ‘Godzilla 2,’ but it is something that is just as visually satisfying. The clips of every scene with Godzilla and every scene with the MUTOs from the first film all in one spot!  (Or so the creators of the videos claim at least. Other counts of his screen time have Godzilla in his own movie for close to 11 minutes compared to the just shy of 8 minute video we have here.)

So are you dying to see more of the King of the Monsters? You can check out a clip of all of the scenes of Godzilla from the film! While they all stood out as properly epic, it’s hard to believe that he had only 8 minutes of screen time.

While Godzilla may have only had 8 minutes on the big screen, he wasn’t the only giant monster in the film. Here are all of the MUTO scenes which ended up being another 12 minutes of the film.

While I really enjoyed the movie (more than I should have with the sub par acting and human side of the story) these two videos are able to truly focus on the complaint many had about the film. There just wasn’t enough Godzilla! To be fair, I do believe we’re missing a little of his scenes but this can’t be off by much.

On the flip side, monster movies have often in the past done this very thing as they are trying to build up the suspense before the main pay off. If you think about it, eight minutes is more time than both the original Alien as well as the Cloverfield Monster was able to have in their films.

I have a feeling that number is going to go quite a bit higher in the sequel.

Did you enjoy ‘Godzilla’? Are you glad to get a quick roundup of his appearances in the film? Do you think eight minutes was a good amount or did you need more? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film