Fans have been torn in their reaction to DC’s New 52 relaunch, which threw out all of the publisher’s history and rebooted it from scratch.  Unfortunately, this caused some continuity glitches.  One huge problem has been the history of the Teen Titans.  In the beginning it was flat out stated that there had been previous incarnations of the team.  It was then revised that the current team is the first and firmly stated that two beloved Titans from the past flat-out didn’t exist, Wally West, formerly Kid Flash before becoming The Flash for several decades until DC chose to bring back Barry Allen, and Donna Troy, the first Wonder Girl, later Troia and even Wonder Woman for a time.

Since then, DC hinted at these characters’ return, with this clue at SDCC:

The assumption is that this indicates that DC planned to bring back Wally in ‘The Flash’, Donna in ‘Superman/Wonder Woman’ and Stephanie Brown, the former Spoiler and female Robin, in ‘Batman: Eternal.’  Both Wally and Stephanie have already made their return, but so far Donna hasn’t.  Or has she?

Ben Oliver designed this look for Donna for Grant Morrison’s upcoming ‘Multiversity’ event.  However, this is a parallel universe version who lives on ‘Earth 16’ a world where the super villains have been defeated and most of the senior super heroes are dead or retired.  Their protegees, the younger generations of heroes have nothing to do but be professional celebrities.  This sounds very inspired by our current reality TV age, where the Kardashians are also famous for no real reason.

It’s not clear what role Donna will play in the story, but the fact that she has a W belt buckle, she’s either still going by Wonder Girl or has assumed the mantle of Wonder Woman.

Of course, this IS a parallel universe, so this version of Donna may never be seen again.

But did DC pull a switcheroo?  Has Donna already appeared in ‘Action Comics: Futures End’ #1?

In the tale, set five years in the future, we caught a glimpse of this character, who wasn’t named, flying and wearing an outfit that doesn’t look too far from Ben Oliver’s design.  If you look at the choker she’s wearing and the one the pre-New 52 Donna is wearing in the image at the top of this page, they’re basically identical.

Because it was previously stated that Donna would return in ‘Superman/Wonder Woman’, some are speculating that Superman may impregnate Wonder Woman, his girlfriend and that Donna would turn out to be their daughter.  However, she wouldn’t be Donna TROY if that were the case, her last name would probably be Kent or… actually, I don’t know if Diana uses a last name.

Is there a chance that this possible future Donna in ‘Action Comics: Future’s End’ may somehow time travel back and become integrated into DC’s present New 52?  And will Superman and Wonder Woman take her in as a protegee?  And what would she be called?  Cassie Sandsmark is already using the name Wonder Girl.  Will she simply go by her real name the way she had in the past?

What do you think?  Have we already met Donna in the New 52?

Source: Newsarama