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The man who brought us ‘V for Vandetta’, James McTeigue (‘The Raven’,’Ninja Assassin’) is set to direct a new alien feature film titled ‘Alien Sleeper Cell.’ The movie will be a science fiction thriller and is coming to us from the new production company that Joe Gatta and Joni Sighvatsson have created called ScanBox Studios. The company has put together international financing for the film and is teaming up with Adrian Askarieh’s Prime Universe Films to bring the movie to release.

While we don’t have any solid details about the exact plot, early details have it as a science fiction thriller with elements similar to those found in both the FX show ‘The Americans’ as well as the ‘Bourne Identity’ films, just with an alien invasion scenario instead of foreign governments at war with one another. I’m intrigued as the first season of ‘The Americans’ had me sold and I’ve enjoyed all of the Bourne films. In fact, when word of the movie first came about it was given the description of “a fresh and surprising take on the all-too-familiar alien invasion genre that features the tense tone of The Bourne Identity.” It sounds like they are trying to give us a new take on a classic concept.

On writing duties is newcomer Morgan Davis Foehl, whose first major film ‘Blackhat’ is currently in production to be released in 2015 which stars Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. Also he just sold a pitch for ‘The Asset’ to 20th Century Fox. Past the writing side of things, Felipe Linz who initially came up with the concept is on board to be the executive producer of the film.

Do you think the concept of an ‘Alien Sleeper Cell’ planted on Earth to gather intelligence and carry out covert operations to quicken the ability for aliens to invade our planet sounds like a good idea? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter