There is so much we don’t yet know about ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘, though today’s commentary hints at a little about what we’ll end up seeing in the movie. Not only that, it confirms that Lex not only has hair but it will not be red which is a rumor that has been floating around.

According to Batman on Film, a source who was at the Detroit location filming gave them this tidbit about a scene that was being filmed:

“There is filming taking place on a seaside port at night. It seems as if The Batmobile has and will be involved. A chase scene has been filmed that included a lot of stunts. A Batman stunt double was used to film a scene that had Batman standing on the top of a 40+ story crane. Most of this shooting has been stunt double heavy. Also, Lex does have hair (as I mentioned a while back), but not the bright red as some sites are speculating.”

So brooding Batman, a Batmobile, and non-red hair for Lex. Personally I’m always a fan of Batman chase sequences and hope that they pull off another amazing one here. Not that they aren’t already cramming quite a bit into the movie as is.

What will Lex’s hair look like? The above commentator didn’t want to chime in. However this fan met Jesse Eisenberg and tweeted a picture of their meeting giving us some idea what Lex Luthor may look like with hair:

It rather looks like a wig to me. Does he have it on to disguise his actual new look for the film or perhaps a rather bald head if it was just freshly shaved? Only time will tell but what we are all dying to know is how and why will Luthor go bald in the film. I’m pretty sure that long standing fans of the character would end up being annoyed if he finished the first movie with a full head of hair.

Are you looking forward to checking out Batman’s big chase scene in the movie?

‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is scheduled for May 6th, 2016.

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