Despite attempts to conceal his Superman costume underneath a black robe, an intrepid spectator managed to snap the above photo revealing a slightly modified look for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’  First of all, and most noticeably, the suit appears much brighter than the first version in ‘Man of Steel’, which is just fine with me.  I felt the former version was a tad too dark, and with Superman, there’s really no reason to go dark.  Plus this way, he’ll really pop when appearing onscreen with Batman.

Every element of the new costume seems brighter, not just the blues, but the reds and yellows as well.  Granted, it’s not the highest resolution image, but it also looks slightly more simplified, with the texture toned down a little, but that could just be the photo quality.  A more subtle change is that his S-shield/symbol of hope has been lowered slightly.  In ‘Man of Steel’ the logo was practically at the collar, now it’s more centered on his chest.

Here are a couple of additional pics from the set, although Cavill’s robe is closed so you can’t see much:

Cavill wasn’t the only one snapped on set.  The following image of Scoot McNairy has also surfaced:

McNairy’s role has been kept under wraps– as has a lot about this movie.  Now it appears that McNairy was filming with Tao Okamoto and Holly Hunter, two additional actors whose roles haven’t been fully-revealed.  It’s been widely reported that Hunter is playing an original Sanator character, while Okamoto has been linked to Mercy, Lex Luthor’s bodyguard.

When McNairy was announced as being cast in the film, one role that was speculated that he might be playing Nightwing, a character that has long been rumored to be appearing in the film.  However, the image above hints at a different part.  The “green screen” leggings on his calves and feet hint that there will be some special effect of sorts used on his legs.  The most obvious possibility is The Flash.

The green screen can allow for a super speed effect to be added in post-production.  There have previously been rumors that DC’s speedster would be popping up in this movie.

What do you think of the new Superman costume?  Is it an improvement?  And what do you think of the possibility of The Flash playing a part?

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