So, remember that arc I was just gushing on about last month? The one I thought for sure was going to keep going? It’s just suddenly gone. I hadn’t realized the cliffhanger ending was just another one of those cliffhanger endings we always get in ‘The X-Files’ where nothing is ever solved, but thanks for coming along for the ride anyway.

I was initially going to get very huffy about this. And I mean very. Like, I don’t like the Flukeman, but I was really getting into the story and I felt very robbed when yet another dead character was “revived”, something which I’m still terribly on the fence about, but seeing how it is the Lone Gunmen, and my favorite Deep Throat, I’ll allow it.

There isn’t a lot plot-wise about this issue, just flashbacks between the Deep Throats which added some really nice back story for the two, and Mulder finding a desiccated Deep Throat Number Two who went to great lengths to give him a warning: Mulder, they are totally going to gank you.

For those of you who watched the series, you remember that they never killed Mulder because it would supposedly turn him into a martyr for the cause. Well, apparently that isn’t the case anymore, so if things weren’t dire before with the Acolytes, they certainly are now.

So, even with what I felt was a very abrupt change in the story line, I’m still liking the direction of the series. One wonders if the reason for all these short story lines is that they are all going to weave together in the future. The only way to find out is to keep reading – which I’ll certainly be doing.

Writer: Joe Harris
Art: Michael Walsh
Cover: Carlos Valenzuela