We’ve known for quite some time that Ivan Reitman had backed out of directing ‘Ghostbusters 3’ and now he’s cleared the air on why exactly that is.

While we know that the movie is moving forward with Paul Feig helming the film and his plans for a mostly female ‘Ghostbusters’ team, we all have assumed that Reitman wouldn’t be directing the film due to the loss of his good friend Harold Ramis. While that is part of the reason, it isn’t the entire one. Here’s what he had to say:

“I am very involved. I’m a producer of the film. I wasn’t giving it all up. I suddenly felt that ‘Ghostbusters’ didn’t necessarily need me as a director, at least I didn’t need to direct ‘Ghostbusters,’ let me put it that way. Having done the other two and with the passing of Harold and with Bill Murray seeming disinterested being in it, I thought it was better for me just to produce it and to make sure we’re going to have the quality and style of what is appropriate for another version of that film. But the franchise could benefit from somebody else’s point of view. I’ve done it twice before and it will be great to get somebody else to lend a hand as well.”

Without Ramis and Murray, I can see why Reitman wouldn’t be as fully invested in the feature. While that is sad to not have the story go on with him in the director’s chair, he is at least still producing and will have a say in the direction of the film. I just hope that Feig can do us all proud and bring us an enjoyable third installment to a franchise that either should have already been continued or officially ended.

What are your thoughts on Reitman not directing the film? Are you still interested in seeing it or are all of the changes turning you away?