Based on a Julie Brown song, “Earth Girls are Easy” from her ‘Goddess in Progress’ album, ‘Earth Girls Are Easy’ is probably one of the most bizarre science fiction example from the 80s that we have ever featured on Throwback Thursday,’s tribute to the great science-fiction of yesteryear.

The song is simple enough. An alien was seduced by Julie while she sunbathed, he crashed into her pool, and they made love (despite the fact he looked like a cross between Flipper and Alan Thick) without touching through a doggie door. Oh, and she wants him to come back because she wants oh so much more.

It’s a simple premise, but one that you can base an entire movie on? Well, actually, yes.

‘Earth Girls are Easy’ follows Valerie (Geena Davis), a woman who just broke up with her cheating fiance, and the three hairy aliens that crash land in her pool (played by Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, and Jeff Goldblum).

Once they are shaved and given a Californian makeover, they become the hottest human beings to ever grace the sidewalks of the Valley. And yes, that does go for Jim Carrey. Blond surfer looks good on him!.The hottest, of course, will be Jeff Goldblum. He’s so hot that if anyone asks me my sexuality, I just answer ‘Earth Girls are Easy’ Jeff Goldblum.

Anyway, Valerie tries to get them home without letting on to anyone that they are aliens, and hijinks ensue. Oh, did I mention it’s a musical too? An 80s musical filled with 80s instruments and weird songs about makeovers?

There is little to not love about this camp movie, from the bizarre plot to the strange way it delivers jokes.

Perhaps it’s not true sci-fi, but it is an homage to the camp science fiction of the 60s (like ‘Barberella‘) with an 80s twist that is fun for everyone!