We already know that one very important person in Peter Parker’s life was cut out of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2.’ Quite a few stories circulated a while back about Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane Watson being excluded from the web-slinger’s recent adventures. However, we later learned what these deleted scenes entailed. Now, with Sony’s latest Marvel film hitting digital platforms shortly, another deleted scene featuring another significant figure in Peter’s life has emerged from the cutting room floor.

In the second chapter of Marc Webb’s Spider-Man saga, more details about Richard Parker and his work with Oscorp were uncovered when Pete discovers his dad’s secret laboratory. We also saw what lengths Richard went through to ensure that his findings were uploaded to his servers. However, in another version of the film, Mr. Parker himself lived on and even confronts his son after the death of Gwen Stacy. Previously, there were rumors circulating about this scene involving Andrew Garfield and Campbell Scott being filmed, but now the scene has hit the web for all to see (unless the studio has taken down the clip already).

In the scene, we see our hero mourning the death of his beloved Gwen. But then a mysterious bearded figure approaches and reveals himself to be Richard Parker. Understandably, Peter doesn’t take this too well at first. You can see how it all unfolds in the video below courtesy of Movie Fanatic:

While I’m sure that both men are overwhelmed by becoming part of each other’s lives, it’s hard not to notice that Richard doesn’t answer any of Pete’s questions. Where has the scientist been all this time? How did he survive? What exactly prompted Oscorp to send assassins to kill him and his wife? Nothing gets answered, but we do get some fatherly encouraging from a pretty good actor. But I can’t help but wonder that this all could be a set up. If I recall correctly, the Chameleon dispatched killer robot clones of Richard and Mary Parker to infiltrate Spider-Man’s life and catch his nemesis with his guard down. Could this have been what Webb was leading up to with this scene? After all, the villain is rumored to be a part of ‘The Sinister Six’. Either way, we’ll never know the answers, at least in this movie since the final version of the film kept the Parkers dead.

What did you think of this deleted scene from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’? Would you have liked to keep it in the movie? Or would it have unnecessarily complicated things? Share your thoughts in the comments.