While we originally heard that Jason Voorhees might not be showing up in the ‘Friday the 13th‘ reboot it looks like common sense has kicked in and he’ll be back after all. Apparently producer Bradley Fuller has decided to clear the air and take back his original statements that they might putting a different killer in charge of cleaning up Camp Crystal Lake.

So what caused this change of mind? Apparently Fuller is claiming to have been misquoted in the original article that said there wouldn’t be a Jason:

“It was a misquote. I had just said ‘I don’t know who would play Jason Voorhees. Because I don’t know what age he would be, or how we would use him. Are we clear about that? That was the original context of the question. ‘Is Derek Mears going to be playing Jason?’ I said , ‘I don’t know who the character is going to be, or at what point in his life we are going to be engaging in him with.’ Somehow that became, ‘He’s not going to be in the movie.’ But of course he’s going to be in the movie!

I didn’t know he wasn’t in there. I don’t know how that could happen, that we would do a Friday the 13th movie without Jason Voorhees. That would be impossible. If we do a Friday the 13th movie, Jason will definitely be in the movie. Or we’re not doing the movie!”

There is currently no word as to if they will somehow tie the movie in with the upcoming ‘Friday the 13th’ television series. While Marvel is clearly making a great choice at tying in television and film, I would like to see other franchises doing the same thing. At this time , what we do know is that David Buckner is still set to direct.

Are you looking for a new take on Jason Voorhees? Do you think its too soon for a reboot of the last reboot? Share your thoughts below!

‘Friday the 13th’ is currently slated to be released on November 13th 2015

Source: Movie Web