When it comes to the players in ‘Game of Thrones’, there are some deceitful, intellectual, and powerful people making moves towards the Iron Throne. However, one person that tends to get overlooked is Sansa Stark (played by Sohpie Turner). Some people may say that the “little bird” spent the majority of the past four seasons doing nothing, but what she was actually doing was absorbing as much as she can and learning from the best manipulators in Westeros. That’s why we saw such a change in Ned and Catelyn’s oldest daughter at the end of the last season. So now that she has Petyr Baelish right where she wants him, what’s next for Sophie Turner’s character on HBO’s hit fantasy drama? The actress spilled the beans while appearing at San Diego Comic-Con.

When she wasn’t appearing on panels and meeting her legions of fans, Turner stopped by Petco Park to chat with The Wrap about her role in the upcoming fifth season of ‘Game of Thrones.’ The actress revealed that Sansa will no longer be the vulnerable young girl that she once was and basically she’ll be moving from playing defensively to using all the tools at her disposal to get what she wants, including her sexuality:

“Now she’s kind of in the position where Baelish isn’t overly sure what Sansa is about. He doesn’t know why she stuck up for him, but he’s kind of realizing that she’s a great manipulator. She’s not this vulnerable young girl anymore.

She’s also realized that she can manipulate him through other means. Now she realizes his weakness is her and her mother, she’s going to try to play out her sexuality as much as she can to manipulate him.”

For the longest time, Littlefinger was the master manipulator, but little did he know that he had a student who learned from his every move. Now it appears that the student has become the master, so we’ll see just how much Sansa has learned when the show comes back next year.

To hear about Turner’s favorite deaths of the series, her thoughts on the Purple Wedding, and her upcoming projects away from ‘Game of Thrones’, check out the full interview below:

What are you expecting out of Sansa Stark in season five of ‘Game of Thrones’? Do you think that she’ll aggressively enter the race for the Iron Throne? Could you see her using her new powers of manipulation against Petyr Baelish as punishment for a number of things that he’s done? Or are you thinking something else entirely? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments.