We’ve recently learned of the title for the season 7 finale of ‘The Walking Dead‘ and I highly suspect that we’re going to be given a major cliffhanger with it. Not only that but it could very well tie into a major comic book moment that fans are likely looking forward to. Ratings were dropping on ‘The Walking Dead,’ and clearly, AMC is pushing the action for the series. Ramping it up would quite fit with a moment that the showrunners are clearly building to and the current season may be going out with a bang.

So what can we expect? We don’t have much to go on quite yet, but we do have the following:

Episode 7.16 – Do It Now

One easy guess is that this could be Scott Gimple’s rewording of a certain scene that Negan cried out as he sent The Saviours into an attack on Alexandria which kicks off the “All-Out War” story arc which is what many have been waiting for.

It isn’t quite the same as “Attack” which he stated in the comic that you can see below.


However, it seems likely that the episode will end with this moment and make us wait until this Fall to see how it all plays out. It is quite likely that we’ll be seeing the Saviours go up against Alexandria, and its allies sooner than later with how quickly the events have been playing out on screen, but it seems highly unlikely that it will happen this season.

An ending like that is just the kind of cliffhanger that the writers tend to give us.

Do you think that “All-Out War” will start before the season is over or will the cliffhanger kick off the battle for everyone’s freedom? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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