Legendary giant ape King Kong has been reinvented on the big screen several times, most recently in the 2005 film directed by Peter Jackson.  Coming completely out of nowhere, Legendary Entertainment stunned San Diego Comic-Con attendees with not only the announcement of a prequel film, entitled ‘Skull Island’ but with footage of the film, which the studio has never made mention of.

Mashable witnessed the presentation and reported:

“The teaser started with the camera panning over a roiling sea, leading to an island of dense jungle and obscured beasts. The shot tracked into a skull-shaped rock outcropping where something stirred — something big — and then rose, with the dark profile of a giant ape. He roared, he beat his chest, and the words ‘Legendary’s Skull Island’ appeared.”

In addition to Kong, the island is also inhabited by dinosaurs and other mysterious beasts.  The voice over narration seems to indicate that once again, we’ll see humans exploring the depths of the lush jungle and attempting to avoid being eaten.  There was also suggestion that this could be the start of a film series and that there might even be a “universe” of monster movies.

No director or cast members were announced at the con, but Deadline is reporting that Legendary has offered the helmer’s chair to Joe Cornish. No word yet if he has accepted their offer.

The movie is slated to be released on November 4, 2016.

Legendary also mentioned that its summer hit ‘Godzilla’ would be getting a sequel.  Does that mean we may get a remake of the cheesy classic ‘King Kong Versus Godzilla’ at some point?  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!