Groovy, we found out at SDCC 2014 that ‘Evil Dead‘ is going to be turned into a television series and Bruce Campbell had more good news for us. He has confirmed that he is going to be starring in the new show! It all happened at the panel for the ‘Last Of Us’ when it was announced that a new ‘Evil Dead’ television show was in the works. What details ere we given? Not a lot past the fact that Sam Raimi was writing the series with his brother Ivan and Campbell.

Now it seems Campbell will also be starring in the series, most likely reprising his role as Ash. Though I’m curious as to what kind of a take on Ash we’ll be getting this time around? Will Raimi be forcing Bruce to get back into shape after he let himself get a little slack for his run on ‘Burn Notice’ or will we even be getting a new take on the character? Perhaps Ash has found a new way to become a King after another trip through time since ‘Army of Darkness’ and has been living the good life until now where he is called upon to save all of reality once again.

Ash living the good life for a long stretch of time? Doubtful. At any rate, here is his tweet confirming that him starring is “the plan”:

It’ll be very interesting to see what direction this series takes. The original rough plan that we had been hinted at would be an ‘Army of Darkness 2’ as well as an ‘Evil Dead 2’ movie which would be followed by a film tying the two together. Could that still be the plan with the ‘Evil Dead’ series by something akin to Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘ that ties the cinematic world even closer together?

Perhaps that entire idea of more movies has been scrapped and this new series will just be the future adventures of Ash and that is the new direction for giving us more from the ‘Evil Dead’ universe.

Another take on this series is that it could be something more similar to ‘Tales From the Crypt’ that gives us a random weekly horror story set in the world of ‘Evil Dead’ that has Ash narrating at the beginning and close of each chapter. Perhaps he is even reading directly from The Necronomicon and that fades into each episode?

There are a lot of ways this could play out but without a network having even picked up the series yet we’re still quite a way out from hearing any official details.

Are you excited for an ongoing series set in the world of ‘Evil Dead’? What direction would you prefer that the series take? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bloody-Disgusting.