We’re still a year or so away from J.J.  Abrams‘ next ‘Star Wars’ movie, which will pick up after the events of ‘Return of the Jedi’ and introduce  new characters to that mythology.  But between now and then, we will get at least something from the George Lucas created universe, in the form of a new animated series ‘Star Wars Rebels’ which will depict the Empire’s rise to power and the formation of the Rebel Alliance.

Executive producer Simon Kinberg stated:

“There was a chapter before ‘[Star Wars: Episode IV A] New Hope’ that was somewhat unexplored.  We wanted to create a show that was a precursor to the films. It’s pre-‘New Hope’ and it’s really the origin of the rebels. We also want to try some things that the movies haven’t done yet.

This is the true origin story of the rebel alliance.  This is about people that aren’t a part of an alliance when the show starts. They’re just rebels, four and then five and then more trying to fight back and claw back a little bit of territory that the Empire has taken over. We know one day, maybe after their lifetimes, they will win. But this is the very early days of the resistance.”

Fellow executive producer Dave Filoni discussed the main villain in the series The Inquisitor by saying, “We’re always looking for new ways to design weaponry and that includes new lightsabers.”  The Inquisitor will wield a double-bladed spinning lightsaber.  “Things are really out of balance, favoring the dark side. But kids are still being born. Part of our story is a bit of that side of things that doesn’t have anything to do with Luke.”

But while Luke and Leia are just babies when this series takes place, a couple of familiar faces do pop up.

Check out the new preview below:

What do you think?  Are you excited to see the “missing” chapter in the story of the Rebels?

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