Ever since the movie adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel ‘Horns‘ was announced we’ve been wanting to see more and Comic-Con has given us an amazing new trailer to share with you! The film was directed by Alexandre Aja (‘The Hills Have Eyes’, ‘High Tension’) and stars Daniel Radcliffe (‘Harry Potter’ franchise,’The Woman in Black‘) in the lead. Speaking of Radcliffe, he was on hand for the panel to share in the fun and even got a round of ‘Happy Birthday’ from the crowd as he had turned 25 earlier this week.

The film itself puts Radcliffe into the shoes, or should I say horns, of Ig Perrish. Ig was blamed for the rape and murder of his girlfriend and even though he was cleared of it everyone still believes that he was responsible. On the anniversary of her death he wakes up after a long drunken night with a mysterious pair of horns on his head. With them in place every one that he meets up with starts to confesses their darkest desires to him. Not only that but he can influence them to commit these crimes and sins that they so desperately fantasize about.

Here you can check out the trailer that was released below.

What wasn’t in the trailer but was shown at the panel was even more footage of people confessing to Ig exactly what they really wanted to do. It was shown to happen in the bar scene which is only hinted at the preview above.

While much of what he will end up doing is getting some personal revenge on all of those who have made his life a living hell over the past year, there is an upside that we see in this trailer. He may just get a confession out of the person who actually took the woman he loved from him which ruined his life. This looks as if it won’t just be a tail of revenge but possibly of redemption as well.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Horns’ when it is finally released? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Screen Rant