Executive producer Neal Baer has decided to mention a few names when talking about the return of a major character to ‘Under the Dome‘. If you haven’t seen the first few episodes of the second season yet you might want to hit the back button as the death I’m going to bring up will be a major spoiler for you otherwise. As always, you’ve been warned!

With the second season hitting the ground running, we’ve lost a few major characters. Both Britt Robertson’s Angie and Natalie Martinez’s Linda have kicked the bucket. When addressing the ‘Under the Dome’ panel at SDCC though, one of the show’s stars, Alexander Koch, mentioned that “You never know when someone’s gonna go and you never know when they come around again.”

Wait, what’s that supposed to mean?

Well Neal Baer followed that up with the ultimate tease:

“We said goodbye to Angie and Linda… one of them might be back.”

Now, it isn’t clear if they mean an actual return of a character coming back to life, a flashback, or someone seeing them in a vision but certainly that is a hint we’ll be seeing more of at least one of these two.

That’s not all though! There are a slew of other spoilers ahead as they mentioned that we’ll see one of those currently stuck in the dome get out from under it by the end of the season. Also, we’ll find out what Angie saw in the locker before she died? Yes! We’ll actually get to know what it was and who was responsible for her death.

There is a lot to look forward to during the rest of the second season of the series and we’re going to be in for a ton of fun and a ton of surprises!

What do you think about bringing a character back to life? Is it something done too flippantly with how often it has happened in comic books or is it fitting for it to happen while ‘Under the Dome’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend