Two years ago Roy Lee wanted to reboot ‘The Ring‘ and now it seems as if Paramount is going to make a third installment in the series. There is no word if this third installment would be a reboot or re-imaging of the story, but with the original plot it could easily go on without having addressing the events from the original films. So who has been tasked to bring back the franchise to a main screen audience? The studio has tapped Spanish director F. Javier Gutierrez to direct!

For those of you with only a passing familiarity with the director, he put his name on the map with the Spanish science fiction thriller ‘Before the Fall’ and is currently attached to direct ‘The Crow‘ reboot. While I hate that such talent for original creations is getting stuck working on reboots, at least he is getting his foot in the door in Hollywood.

With ‘The Ring’ being one of the driving forces behind remakes of Japanese horror films in the United States, and horror in general is still doing great at the box office, it should be no surprise that they want to tap into a pre-existing franchise and bring it back to life. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that the first film earned $249.3 million worldwide at the box office and the sequel earned $161.5 million.

With the original premise being a dead girl who haunts and kill those who watch a VHS tape unless they show it to someone else, I’m wondering how they are going to mix things up this time around. I mean I know there are plenty of VHS collectors and Hipsters who have picked up the media, but it seems as if they would need to find a way to update the format rather quickly to make this a viable ongoing story.

Perhaps someone is converting old VHS tapes into a DVD or digital file? I’m sure they’ll find some way to still make this relevant as there are many options they could go.

Are you looking forward to a continuation of ‘The Ring’? Do you think the film is past its prime or can they still find a successful way to keep the story going? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter