Writer Brian Azzarello and penciller Cliff Chiang have been spearheading Wonder Woman‘s comic book adventures since the launch of DC’s New 52.  Their run has entrenched the lead character in her Greek myth roots, going so far as to reveal that she was not molded from clay, but a bastard daughter of Zeus to make her the new God of War.  But expect a shift when husband and wife team, artist David Finch and writer Meredith Finch, take the helm.

Expect to see a closer examination of Diana and her relationships with the Amazons and with her teammates in the Justice League.

David Finch says “A big part of what Meredith wants to do is write a story about a woman who is trying to take on all of those different things and try to make them all work together.  We wanted to make her a little more flawed. She doesn’t always necessarily have the answers.”

Essentially, it sounds as if the Finches plan to go in the opposite direction from the way the book has been handled up to now.

While Gal Gadot is currently playing Wonder Woman in ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’, it was the previous live action Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter who truly inspired Meredith Finch.  “You had the mom roles but you didn’t really have big heroic women saving the day back in the ’70s,” she says. “Women were just transitioning into the workforce, and because of that she’s been taken on as an icon for feminine power and empowerment.”

She went on to describe how Carter’s Wonder Woman will inspire her take on the icon.  “She lives what she believes, and she acts on it.”

David expressed “I love the idea that it’s a woman writing a woman because we’re trying to appeal to more female readers now.”

Meredith added,  “It makes sense if you’re going to try to attract that female market that you appeal to them on every level — your writing demographic reflects the demographic of your readership… That’s one aspect of being a female writer I can bring to her. Women tend to react in a different way, and I can bring some of that reactionary (thinking), going from your heart sometimes more than from your head… I hope that between the two of us, we’ll be able to bring that balance so she’s got a really complex character as we go forward.”

Are you intrigued to see a new spin on Wonder Woman in the New 52?

Source: USA Today