‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’, the fourth movie in the franchise and, in a sense, a reboot, is sure to be the biggest movie of the weekend, but it’s not getting a great reaction from movie goers and certainly not from critics.  Disappointing, since many thought the new human cast, coupled with Bay having already been heavily criticized for the last movie ‘Dark Of The Moon’ would have produced something better.  The Rotten Tomatoes critical ranking is a whopping 16%, but the audience reaction is much higher, 65%.  Much higher, but still just barely better than average.

This is sure to be a let down considering how many of this summer’s big hits have had excellent word of mouth.  Those that didn’t, like ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ quickly faded from theaters and memory.  We’ll have to see if ‘Transformers’ stumbles as badly as ‘Spider-Man’, but for his part, Bay is taking the criticism in stride.

“I used to get bothered by it, but I think it’s good to get the dialogue going. It makes me think, and it keeps me on my toes, so it’s good.”

“[Naysayers] love to hate, and I don’t care; let them hate. They’re still going to see the movie! I think it’s good to get a little tension. Very good.”

This may be true.  Most reaction to ‘Age of Extinction’ is not downright hateful as it was with ‘Dark of the Moon’, but not glowing either.  However, it’s unclear whether or not Bay plans to return for a fifth installment, despite Paramount’s announcement that they planned to release a new movie in 2016.  Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura has since stated that this might be too ambitious but hopefully a new movie will be ready by 2017 and that there were plans currently to switch directors.  I guess it’s in Michael Bay’s hands whether he returns for another installment or walks away from the franchise.

Would you like to see Bay perhaps learn from his mistakes and return for a fifth ‘Transformers’ movie?

Source: Screen Rant