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Science fiction fans have plenty of exciting exhibitions to look forward to in the future. From the Avenger’s S.T.A.T.I.O.N. to the upcoming Hollywood Science Fiction Museum, there’s going to be plenty of cultural and educational institutions aiming to celebrate the world of science fiction. The future looks bright, my friends.

Director George Lucas is taking a couple of cues from J. Paul Getty with his plans to open the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum in Chicago. While Lucas does plan to house his own private art collection, the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum will include actual props, costumes and other pieces from ‘Star Wars’. Oh wow, I think this means you may need to double-check the authenticity of some eBay items you recently purchased.

Lucas officially chose Chicago as the location for his museum on Tuesday, June 24. Chicago and San Francisco were in a bit of a podrace, I guess you could say, to coax the director to set up shop in very touristy locales within the respective cities. The city of San Francisco, which is mere miles away from Lucas’ current home and Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, offered the director a spot on the famous Embarcadero. In fact, San Francisco mayor Ed Lee had a couple of banners hanging on city hall and Seawall Lot 330 that read, “George Lucas, please build your museum in San Francisco for the world to enjoy”.

However, Chicago ended up winning the great museum race. The city of Chicago gave Lucas a $1 lease on a 17 acre lot behind Soldier Field which is near a lot of the city’s other great museums including the Field Museum of Natural History and the Alder Planetarium.

What do you think? Is the George Lucas Cultural Arts Museum something you would venture to go see? Personally, I think it sounds awesome but, frankly, I’m keeping my hopes up for a Uwe Boll cultural museum.

Source: CinemaBlend; The Guardian