Rumors were circulating that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman would be sporting the “Odyssey” costume, including leggings and a jacket, designed by Jim Lee, but it turns out the much maligned outfit is out and in the movie, Wonder Woman will look more like she does in the comics! Here’s the details courtesy of JoBlo!

The Amazon princess is described as having a leather skirt, silver elbow-length gauntlets, a gold tiara and a variation of her traditional red top.  Her look is described as “traditional but sleeker” as well as “badass” and “battle-ready,” so expect something close to what Daryn Cooke drew in ‘Justice League: A New Frontier’.

Of course Wonder Woman will have her bullet-proof bracelets, her tiara (although it wasn’t specified that she would use it as a weapon) and her golden lasso, but expect her to also wield a sword, shield and spear.  The shield, reportedly, will be worn on her back when not in use, much like Captain America.  She is described as having a “fair amount” of screen time and will team up with Superman and Batman for the climactic battle at the end of the film.  However, don’t expect a full Wonder Woman origin, as her background will remain vague.  She’s simply being brought in to show that there are other super heroes in this world.

In other news, Wayne Manor appears in the movie, but in this take, Bruce Wayne chooses to live in a smaller cottage on the property.  But underneath that, expect to see the traditional Batcave complete with the Batwing and Batmobile.  No word on the giant penny or T-Rex, but we can hope.

As for super villain Lex Luthor, it seems that they are delving into his typical motivation.  Lex sees himself as God’s gift to humanity, but suddenly finds himself overshadowed by the god-like Superman.  Luthor, who starts off in the film with longish red hair, attempts to get people on his side, but he simply can’t compete.

Fans are divided on this film, but we’re still over a year from seeing the finished product.  Some things could change.  In the meantime, you can watch the full JoBlo  report below: