Here we are yet again on this fateful day, the one day every week where brings you all the toy news you need to know- Toy News Tuesday! This past week has been a bit of a doozy all across the board in the toy industry with a mountain of announcements coming your way, so without further adieu, let’s plow right into the toy news for the week of June 24th, 2014!

Revoltech TMNT Coming Out Of Their Shells

Though these were leaked a few weeks back, Revoltech has now officially announced their new super articulated 6” scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles import figures! These figures are based on the turtles appearance in their most recent animated series, which is currently airing on Nickelodeon. Each of these figures comes with character specific accessories, as well as an additional head, swappable hands, and manhole cover display stands! If you want to snag a set, you had probably better start saving now though, these bad boys are expected to hit shelves this September with a price of around $60 each!

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Marvel Legends Agent Venom Stalking Shelves

Following weeks of rumors, Hasbro has finally confirmed that fans will have a chance to grab their very own Agent Venom Marvel Legends figure! This 6” scale figure was one of several figures that were revealed at SDCC last year, but had not made it to retail yet. Many of the figures that were revealed and not yet released are considered by many to be cancelled or ‘lost’, so to see another one of them making it out to shelves is a great surprise for fans of this toyline! The one catch though, is that while this figure IS hitting retail, he will be released as a Walgreens exclusive figure! Here’s the statement from Hasbro-
We are excited to confirm that Hasbro’s Marvel Spider-Man Legends Infinite 6″ Agent Venom Action Figure, previously revealed at Comic-Con International in San Diego last Summer, will be made available this Fall, exclusively at Walgreens in the U.S.
This figure will be available for pre-order next month at SDCC. Fans should visit Hasbro’s display booth during the show for more information.
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Funko Announces Their First SDCC 2014 Offerings

After last years astounding fifty-seven SDCC exclusive items, Funko is finally making announcements regarding what kind of exclusives they plan to unleash upon fans this at this years San Diego Comic Con! While these items are only the first of many reveals, they’re definitely some cool items! One can only wonder what else Funko has in store for fans if the first things they’re announcing are this great!
We are ready to begin the countdown to San Diego Comic-Con 2014! This means it’s time for us to start REVEALING EXCLUSIVES! Who you gonna call?! GHOSTBUSTERS! We have a serious amount of exclusives featuring your favorite parapsychology professors!
Dr. Peter Venkman got SLIMED by Metallic Slimer!
It looks like the crew got in Stay Puft’s way!
Speaking of Stay Puft… this one GLOWS IN THE DARK!
How about a GLOW IN THE DARK SLIMER?! His ectoplasmic ooze is looking a little crazy…
Last but not least… Take flight with the Black and White Rocketeer!
The Rocketeer comes equipped with a removable helmet and jetpack for his adventures in flight!
On top of their own booth’s exclusives, this year Funko will be offering a few partner exclusives at SDCC! The crew at Fugitive Toys (Booth #601) is set to have this set of six exclusive Funko POP! Vinyl figures available at the con! The Fugitive Toys exclusives are White Lantern Superman, White Lantern The Flash and a Burnt-Angry-Faced Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! There are also ‘glow in the dark’ versions of each of these three figures, making a total of six different figures available.


Funko Collects The Dragon Balls

While the designs for these guys were leaked way back in February during Toy Fair, Funko has finally released official images and a release date for their upcoming POP! Vinyl figures based on the classic anime ‘Dragon Ball Z’! This set of vinyl figures is planned to be released this august and will be comprised of Super Saiyin Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, and Cell.

Funko Reaction On The Rise

With pop-culture nostalgia at a seemingly all time high, it makes perfect sense that Funko would have such an astounding success story with their retro-styled ’ReAction’ toyline in which they make new figures based on classic films in the style of Kenner’s late 70’s and early 80’s Star Wars toyline. Minimal articulation and paint applications, sculpts that look like the character but barely recognizable as the actor, and classic styled packaging have brought this line to the forefront of the collector community. Much like with their POP! Vinyl figures, Funko has licensed a ton of fan favorite brands for this toyline to bring you all the toys of characters you wish they had actually made when you were a kid!
Funko recently revealed it’s full lineup based on the hit film ‘The Terminator’, which is set to release in August of this year! This wave will be comprised of two different versions of the T-800 Terminator, two different Endo-Skeletons, Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor!
Also releasing this August in the ReAction line, are Funko’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ line! This wave is set to include three different iterations of Jack Skellington, Sally, The Mayor, The Behemoth, The Devil, and Barrel!

Titan ‘ALIEN’ Figures Invading

After the rousing success of their ongoing line of ‘Doctor Who’ 3” blind-boxed vinyl figures, TITAN Merchandise has announced their expansion into other lines! First up is the sci-fi horror classic ‘ALIEN’! The first wave of blind box figures, referred to as ‘The Nostromo Wave’, will contain each and every character seen in the first ‘ALIEN’ film. Dallas, Kane, Parker, Ripley… they’re all here! The only character seen in the film that isn’t represented in vinyl form here is the cat! And even he may show up, there ARE four unannounced super rare chase figures available as well! The full release from TITAN is below-
From 20th Century Fox and Titan Merchandise comes Alien TITANS: The Nostromo Collection! The entire crew of the USCSS Nostromo are featured in this 12 piece set – including their stowaway, the infamous Xenomorph (nicknamed ‘Big Chap’).
From the secretive Science Officer Ash, to the ill-fated Kane, to the heroic Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, every member of the doomed star-freighter is featured in 3” Blind-Boxed format. Also featured – in every stage of its evolutionary cycle- is the eponymous creature: Egg, Facehugger, Chestburster and adult Alien are all represented in vinyl form! PLUS: 4 hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect!

Sideshow to be ‘Dead by Dawn’

Even though they haven’t given out much information regarding what kind of product they’ll be releasing, Sideshow Toys recently announced that they have officially acquired the license for ‘Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn’! There are sure to be a ton of cool new ’Evil Dead II’ collectibles coming our way in the near future from the team at Sideshow, so be sure to stay tuned for more news as it comes! The release from Sideshow is below-
Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn License Announcement Sideshow Collectibles is happy to let all deadites and warriors know that Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn Collectibles are coming soon! Get your chainsaw, Olds Delta 88, ready to get your very own soul-eating collectibles soon! In the heroic words of Ash, ‘Groovy…’

Hot Toys Summons Maleficent

Disney’s ‘Maleficent’ is one of this summer’s biggest hits, and now you can get ready to bring a piece of the magic home for yourself thanks to the crew over at Hot Toys! They recently announced this epic 1:6th scale Maleficent figure, based on the characters appearance in the recent film as portrayed by Angelina Jolie. Hot Toy’s Maleficent is available for pre-order now and comes with two flame effects, a staff and several alternate interchangeable hands! The full release from Hot Toys is below-
“Well, well…How Wonderful.” You know the tale now find out truth. Disney’s newest movie – Maleficent has been highly successful in box office around the world since its release! The tale of Sleeping Beauty is re-imagined and told from the perspective of the Mistress of All Evil who is portrayed by the one and only Angelina Jolie and her performance has been praised by critics and fans. To celebrate the movie’s success, Hot Toys is delighted to present the 1/6th scale Maleficent Collectible Figure amid fans’ anticipation!
The movie-accurate Maleficent Collectible Figure is specially crafted based on the image of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in the movie which features a detailed head sculpt with iconic horns, elegantly tailored costume and accessories. Fans of this famous fairy tale and Angelina Jolie don’t miss the chance to pre-order this stylish collectible figure!

Ominous Mattel Message

Earlier this week, Mattel posted a rather foreboding message on the Matty Collector Facebook page; an image of the Sorceress’s eagle with the words ‘All Toy Lines Must End’. Is this their way of telling fans that the fan favorite Masters of the Universe Classics line is coming to a close after this coming years subscription wraps up? That certainly appears to be what is implied, especially with the additional message at the bottom of the image, stating “The Final Year: 6/27 at 9AM”; with the time referring to the launch of this years subscription sales. Only time will tell if this is actually the final year of the MOTUC toyline, or if it’s just the end of it’s current incarnation. With MOTUC wrapping up, and the death of DC Universe Classics and it’s ‘Club Infinite Earths’ subscription service last year, it’s hard to foresee exactly what lines Matty Collector will utilize to carry on. Hopefully we’ll be receiving more information at SDCC in a few weeks!

Matty Collector Rolls Out The Batmobile at SDCC

With SDCC just weeks away, Matty Collector has been pulling out all the stops to get out all the details on it’s convention exclusives for this year! Even though it was revealed a few weeks back, Matty Collector has recently given an updated more detailed rundown of their deluxe Batman Multi-verse Batmobile based on the vehicles appearance in the upcoming video game ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’! The full post from Matty Collector is below-
In the video game, Batman™ battles all-new threats in Gotham City with the help of an arsenal-equipped vehicle. This Batman™: Arkham Knight Batmobile features premium, highly-detailed deco and authentic sounds straight from the game, and much more!
The tires can do a complete 360-degree spin, allowing the vehicle to turn on a dime… very handy for pursuing villains. When the top of the vehicle is pressed downward the firepower is revealed: on the left side, a riot suppressor rubber bullet gun, and on the right side, a high-powered Gatling gun, both with sounds and light effects – straight from the game! Hold the activation button longer than three seconds to create a red glow, simulating heat transferring, and press the rear button to turn on the headlights and play the game’s iconic Bat-swarm sound effect. There are also controls to rev the engine, to see the exhaust light up, and for the sound of the cannon. The vehicle comes with an articulated DC Comics™ Multiverse Akrham City Batman™ figure with a fabric cape allowing Batman™ to sit in the driver’s seat!


Flashpoint Busts Out

Love it or hate it, at this point, DC’s ‘New 52’ appears to be here to stay. But if you’re hankering for a taste of some pre-New 52 DC Universe, then Action Figure Xpress has got you covered with their SDCC exclusive for this year! While it isn’t quite classic DCU, Action Figure Xpress is offering an exclusive set of ‘Flashpoint’ bust paperweights. The set is comprised of Thomas Wayne batman and Reverse Flash, two of the ‘Flashpoint’ series most iconic characters! This set is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. The release from Action Figure Express is below-
In the far future, Professor Eobard Thawne traced the origin of super-speed to The Flash. Obsessed with the Scarlet Speedster, Thawne traveled back in time only to discover he was destined to become The Flash’s greatest enemy, as The Reverse-Flash. In a world where everything is different, Batman is Thomas Wayne, driven by the murder of this son Bruce to punish Gotham City’s criminals. Thomas is an older and more brutal Batman often resorting to lethal force in his one man war on crime. Each bust stands approximately 5.25″ tall.
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S.H.Figuarts Armors Up for SDCC

Are you guys tired of awesome SDCC exclusive announcements yet? Yeah we didn’t think so! Neither did the team at S.H.Figuarts when they came up with this amazing new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Exclusive! That’s right, this year at SDCC you can get your very own armored Black Ranger from the original MMPR! The Black Ranger wore the Green Ranger’s shield very briefly once towards the end of the first season, and now you can recreate that iconic moment of MMPR history with your very own Armored Black Ranger figure! This figure isn’t one to miss!
In the spirit of looking back to the past for ideas of cool new exclusive figures, the team at S.H.Figuarts also delved deep into the history of fan favorite “Dragon Ball Z’ to bring fans an exclusive ‘classic colors’ Vegeta! This SDCC Exclusive figure features Vegeta in his original armored color scheme, with red hair and a green/orange armored Saiyin powersuit!

X-Force Minimates Get The Job Done

Ah, remember the 90’s? Yes, we know, you’re still trying your best to forget them. But remember, there WERE some good times back in the 90’s! Like when X-Force was kicking ass and taking names all across the Marvel Universe! Now it’s time to relive the glory days with this brand new classic X-Force Minimate four-pack from Diamond Select! This set includes fan favorites team mainstays Cable, Cannonball, Shaterstar and Domino in their old-school 90’s era costumes!
When a job needs to be done and the X-Men are afraid to do it, that’s when X-Force steps in! Led by Cable, this team of young mutants is ready to bring the pain, and this box set flashes back to a time when stealth suits were unheard of and pouches were everywhere! The set includes Cable, Domino, Cannonball and Shatterstar, and each fully poseable Minimate stands approximately two-inches tall and features a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories. Packaged on a blister card. Pre-order today through your local comic shop or favorite online retailer!

Transformers Shipping Up From BotCon

With the annual Transformers convention, Botcon, having gone on over the last weekend, a TON of cool new Transformers toys have been announced straight out of the convention! Hasbro has revealed a large number of figures from both the movie and Generations lines, as well as some brand new Kreo style figures! There is a full gallery of newly announced figures up on the official Transformers Facebook page Here.
And with that, yet another Toy News Tuesday has come to a close! What do you think about the new items announced this week? Do you plan on picking up anything we mentioned in this week’s column? Are there any lines or brands you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments section below! Until next week, happy toy hunting!