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After Will Smith left ‘Brilliance,’ the leading actor spot was open and rumor had it that Jared Leto (‘Requiem for a Dream’, ‘Dallas Buyers Club’) would be replacing him. Now it seems he’s off the project as well.

Legendary Pictures seems to be having problems holding onto anyone for the male lead in ‘Brilliance.’ While Leto was never officially attached, he did meet with director Julius Onah about the film. So what went wrong? Well, Leto does tend to be pretty picky about what films he ends up in, so he may not have liked the role after he looked into it further.

Or, he might be looking into another super hero franchise to be a part of. When ‘Doctor Strange‘ picked up Scott Derrickson as the director, Leto was one of the actors rumored to be a potential lead for the film. His name was again mentioned when the studio announced that they wanted Jon Spaihts to write the film. If that is the case, might he already be attached to the movie and needs to keep his schedule open for it? It is a little too early to tell, but this could prove to be an indication of who will be playing the Doctor in Marvel’s upcoming journey into magic.

Of course, he could also just be busy working on a new ’30 Seconds to Mars’ album.

Would you be up for seeing Leto get a little strange? Do you think he passed on this film to work with Marvel, from a lack of interest, or to focus on his music? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend