One would think it’s a little dangerous to make a documentary that sounds even the least bit critical of George Lucas and his handling of the ‘Star Wars‘ franchise in the last few decades. But Alexandre Phillipe did it, though not without making sure his case for using footage under fair use laws was as air tight as it possibly could be. It was a great success as it was, for a time, the most popular documentary on Netflix.

And now, ‘The People Vs. George Lucas’ (a documentary about the grey area between author and audience’s rights to a media), has announced on their website that a sequel is in the works.

According to the director, Alexandre Phillipe, at Denver Comic Con, the plan is to premiere the movie a week before’Star Wars: Episode VII’ is released in December of 2015.

Want to be a part of the documentary? The website is accepting submissions, from video rants to parodies and ‘Star Wars’ songs. Here’s the info (click the image to enlarge):

For more information and to submit material for the sequel, head over to the People vs George Lucas II site.  And if you haven’t seen the first documentary, you’re in luck! It is currently on Netflix streaming.