While Andrew Stanton was able to do amazing things with ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Wall E,’ his luck didn’t continue on Disney’s ‘John Carter‘. The film itself was a financial failure. While the initial concept was to turn the film into an ongoing franchise, the lack of success of this film based off of the 1917 novel ‘Princess of Mars’ by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ pretty much brought that idea to a grinding halt.

To be fair, I disagreed with many of the reviewers about the film and while it could have been better, it was enjoyable enough to have deserved a sequel if audiences had been willing to give it a chance. Still, what could have happened if it had worked? Well, at the very least a trilogy was planned, and we have the titles and logo mockups of both films to share with you!

The first sequel would have been titled ‘Gods of Mars’ and the second would have been ‘Warlord of Mars’. Let’s take a look at how the two logos would have looked straight from Stanton’s Twitter feed!

While he had previously been wanting to make these films, it doesn’t sound like that will be happening anymore. I suppose with ‘Star Wars‘ on the books, Disney doesn’t really need to worry about another. Sadly, though, when less science fiction is produced, it really doesn’t benefit anyone – aside from Disney’s bottom line. With how much money the studio lost with ‘John Carter,’ between $80 million and $120 million in the first quarter of its release, a sequel is a gamble even the juggernaut of Disney would be hard-pressed to gamble on again. While Taylor Kitsch (‘Lone Survivor’, ‘Battleship‘) has been busy since the film’s release, I have a sneaky suspicion he’d be up for reprising the lead role for another go at it.

Are you sad to hear that they won’t be creating another installment of ‘John Carter’? Do you think it should have received a better viewership than it did?