Throughout the films and novels, the salute in ‘The Hunger Games’ stands for solidarity and resistance. It started off as a simple gesture and grew as the populace backs it and shows their support by using it even in the face of death. Now it seems as if the intent brought forth in these two forms of media are being translated into the real world! In an example of life imitating art, it would appear that Thai protesters have begun using the same salute as well to show their dissatisfaction of the current state of political affairs in Thailand.

While the salute does stand as a sign of resistance in the film, thankfully the Thai government is aware that it comes from a movie. Not only that but they have no plans on arresting anyone for peacefully using the three-fingered salute. Well, that is in general. Apparently they are also vowing to arrest anyone using the symbol if they are with large groups of people protesting against the May 22nd coup and all of the problems that have come up from it.

According to Thai junta spokesman Col. Weerachon Sukhondhapatipak:

If a single individual raises three fingers in the air, we are not going to arrest him or her, but if it is a political gathering of five people or more, then we will have to take some action. If it persists, then we will have to make an arrest.

This should remind every one of our readers in the United States exactly how important our Freedom of Speech truly is. Without it, we couldn’t protest what we feel is wrong with the country and without the right to protest, how many major changes over the past century would never have happened?

Are you thinking that this symbolism is fitting from film to real life? Do you think that the genre films and novels that we watch and read can truly impact real life politics? Share your thoughts below!

Source: THR