(This is a full episode recap, so if you don’t want any spoilers, please watch the episode first!)

On planet Petrasis, Queen Iolande, who is also a Green Lantern, visits her imprisoned brother Ragnar, who murdered their planet’s former Green Lantern, Dulak, in a effort to seize the power for himself.  She has brought him a meal, but he is too filled with rage and verbally attacks her.  Sadly, she walks away.  As she does, however, Ragnar receives a gift… a Red Power Ring.

On Oa, Ganthet and Sayd watch as the full Green Lantern Corps is deployed to meet up with Hal Jordan and company.  Ganthet thinks this is a foolish move and leaves the planet vulnerable.  It will also take them a year and a half to reach their destination.

Hal Jordan contacts Appa, who informs him that the Corps has been deployed.  Jordan is shocked.  “You went right into attack mode?”  Jordan informs Appa that the Red Lanterns believe the Guardians’ Manhunters slaughtered their people in a calculated attempt to wipe them out.  Appa dismisses it as “propaganda.”  (Hal learned this in the episode “Reckoning.”)  “If this whole invasion is based on lies, wouldn’t that be a reason to try diplomacy?” Hal asks, naively.  Appa angrily tells Hal not to question the Guardians.

They are cut off when the ship receives a distress call from Iolande begging for help against a Red Lantern invasion.  Hal turns the Interceptor toward Petrasis.  But by the time they arrive, Ragnar and the Red Lanterns have already taken over and imprisoned Iolande.  Hal and the others are attacked by a pack of Red Lanterns and must flee.  Unfortunately, they discover the Interceptor is surrounded by Red Lantern drones.  “That’s what we get for parking in a bad neighborhood,” Hal quips.

They avoid the Red Lantern forces only to be surrounded by Kothak and the royal guards.  But it’s not what it seems.  Kothak and the others grab them and conceal them, revealing that he has been leading the resistence since the Red Lanterns took over.  He shows them a devastating device known as the Liberator, which is capable of destroying the entire planet.

Hal and Kilowog contact Ganthet and Sayd for advice.  Hal once more asks why they don’t try talking to the Red Lanterns and telling them that Atrocitus has been lying.  Ganthet however reveals that the story of the Manhunters is in fact reality.  The Guardians thought employing emotionless robots as enforcers was the logical choice, but without emotion the robots went rogues and destroyed entire civilazations, planets, even entire sectors resulting in what they refer to as The Forgotten Zone.

Ganthet says he may be able to help them, but first he must speak with Appa.  He urges the heroes to focus on disarming the Liberator.

Appa however is willing to sacrifice Petrasis in order to maintain the protection of the rest of space.  Ganthet doesn’t agree.  He informs Appa that he placed an invention on the Interceptor before Hal “borrowed” it.  Appa calls the device “emotional madness” because it is powered by hope, a useless emotion.

They convene the council, but Appa accuses Ganthet of betraying them.  He reveals that Ganthet allowed Hal to steal the Interceptor without council approval, but the biggest charge is his use of an “unreliable emotion.”  Ganthet admits that he created something fueled by hope, urging them that they need hope.  Appa banishes Ganthet.

Back on Petrasis, Hal frees Iolande, then they join Kilowog and attack the Liberator.  Ragnar orders all their forces to the Liberator, including those that were guarding the Interceptor, allowing Razer and Aya to reclaim it.

Hal, Kilowog and Iolande attack the Liberator but the Red Lanterns’ forces are overwhelming. Hal attempts to call Ganthet for help, but Appa tells him they are on their own.  Just then, Ragnar and his fleet arrive and attack them from the other side.  Luckily, the Interceptor and Kothak and his army fly to the rescue to help even the odds.

Sayd draws Ganthet back to Oa, in order to help Hal and his forces.  “We must have hope,” Ganthet says activating his device, just in time, as the Red Lanterns have all but conquered the heroic forces on Petrasis.  The Green Lantern on the Interceptor suddenly burns with blue energy and bathes the entire area in blue light.  Hal, Kilowog and Iolande are engulfed in green flicking energy which boosts their power off the charts.  “It’s like I’m super charged or something!” Kilowog exclaims.  The opposite happens to Razer, whose power fades to nothing.  (For whatever reason, Razer is the only Red Lantern affected.)

The power boost turns the tide and the Red Lanterns retreat.  The Liberator is about to activate, but the Green Lanterns use their enhanced powers to push it into space where it explodes harmlessly.  The blue lantern then flies into space and the blue aura fades.  Kilowog wonders if Ganthet was responsible.

On Oa, Sayd wonders if their efforts made a difference.  Ganthet says it did.  “Telepathy, Ganthet?”  “No.  Hope.”  He then departs Oa, seemingly for good.

So we see the kernels of the Blue Lantern Corps pop up this episode, adding another color to the Lantern spectrum.  We also get to see Iolande in action as a Green Lantern and Ragnar taking up the ring as a Red Lantern.  Overall, this was a pretty important episode, with Ganthet’s banishment being the biggest development.

What do you think?  Are you excited to see the Blue Lanterns appear on this series?  Comment below.

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