In 1977 Paramount Pictures was eager to follow up the sensation of ‘Star Trek‘ with a new five year mission in ‘Star Trek: Phase II’. While that never happened, the pilot did end up being the first film ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ and many of the episodes were re-written into ‘The Next Generation’ episodes. In fact overall themes from ‘Phase II’ including a lost love relationship between officers was used as an ongoing theme with Riker and Troi.

Recently, though, it looks like the original artist for the series, Mike Minor, had much of his concept art for this unrealized series released!

If you were curious as to how the show would end up looking, you have to be curious no longer! While the costumes could previously be seen on the fan series ‘Star Trek: New Voyages’ (which has now been renamed to ‘Star Trek: Phase II’), the rest of this concept art can be seen here!

In the shot above we had a take on the bridge while below we have what looks to be Engineering, the captain’s quarters, a cargo hold, and a recreational room of some sort. No holodecks have been invited quite yet at this point in Trek’s history!

I, for one, dig the classic look that Minor had been portraying here. I’m not sure if it is my love of classic science fiction or ‘Star Trek’ but I have to say that this really makes me want to see a return of ‘Star Trek’ to television.

Do you think the early concept art showed potential for the series? Would you have been happy to have these as your base sets for a ‘Trek’ that would have followed in the footsteps of ‘The Original Series’? Do you think any other aliens would have helped helm this new star ship? Share your thoughts below and don’t forget to live long and prosper!

Source: Geek Tyrant