I think my favorite part of Warren Ellis at the wheel of a comic is that you really never know what you are going to get. Honestly, as I’m not a loyal Image reader anymore aside from a few key titles I had no idea what this was even about but the cover art drew me in and Warren Ellis writing it clinched that I was going to pick it up. Imagine my surprise when I find we’re getting a new take on aliens in the book! With that having already sold me, it was a treat to see Jason Howard’s take on the artwork within. The various settings all have a unique tone and look to them.

This is a great introduction to a comic that wets your appetite for more without really giving you any details whatsoever on the direction of the series. If anything I was frustrated from wanting to know more, to read more, to see more of this new world that Ellis has created and am stuck suffering waiting for the next issue. That should be enough praise for anyone to run out and pickup a copy!

So what did we find out?

Ten years ago giant alien structures came down from the sky that look like trees on the skyline and landed. We waited for them to communicate with us and there was nothing. Apparently having traveled all of this distance, we are either not important enough or intelligent enough yet to be worth these creature’s time. The only interaction they have is occasionally releasing waste from their trees that seem to kill anyone in its wake.

Once this happened the first time we also learned that weapons. atomic or bio warfare in nature. seem to shut off and cannot be used in their proximity. No mass destruction to take these giant structures out.

This all happened ten years ago. What happens in the present? Humanity has adjusted and moved on. We get a look at where things are in four areas of the world: Rio de Janeiro, New York City, China, and Norway. We see how the different areas of the world are dealing with what has landed in their backyards though it also isn’t yet clear if these areas will be the constant or only focus of the book. Either way, its a nice take from a usually American only centric view of a world changing event.

Also, the cover isn’t direclty addressed with the skull like roots coming out of the trees. Are they burrowing into the Earth? Is this metaphorical? I’m dying to find out!

The book ends by telling us one thing. “All this is normal”. That is what the story has told us and if humanity has proven anything, it is that we normalize anything that is around long enough. If, like me, you hadn’t heard of the book or if you were on the fence, this was probably my favorite comic released this week and I highly suggest picking up a copy!

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jason Howard