With ‘Sleepy Hallow‘ not only renewed for a second season but having it be an extended one as well, we’re of course going to need some new cast members to fill that time. We have the word on who the new cast members will be, part of what they’ll be doing, and a slew of new images from the upcoming season! There may be a few spoilers below (when aren’t there?), so I’d be wary if you want to run into things without any knowledge of what is to come!

First up, we have some casting news for the show. The first name to be attached to the next season is Matt Barr (‘American Pie Presents Band Camp’, ‘Hatfields & McCoys’) who is joining the cast as Nick Hawley. Nick is described as a ruggedly handsome bounty hunter who ends up helping out Tom Mison’s Ichabod and Nicole Beharie’s Abbie. As a bounty hunter, it will be hard to say where his loyalties lie and if he starts off or ends up not on the side of our heroes. Also, he will end up having a sense of humor and a bit of swagger. Although Nick is a bounty hunter  and a loner, he has a rough-and-tumble demeanor but is actually highly educated.

Also joining the cast will be Sakina Jaffrey (‘House of Cards’, ‘Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead’), Jaffrey will be in the recurring guest role of Leena Reyes, Sleepy Hollow’s new sheriff and is described as smart, forceful, highly trained, and commanding. She also has a warm and maternal side. Leena previously worked for the U.S. Border Patrol in Texas and it’ll be interesting to see how she accepts Ichabod, Abbie, the disgraced ex-Sheriff Irving, and the apocalypse that is centered around her new home.

Of course, before we meet the new cast members there is the matter of everyone being left in some not so fun situations when we last saw them in season finale. So lets take a look at some behind the scene images to give us an idea of what to expect when things pick back up!

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