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Who would dare try to create a prequel to the haunted madness we saw in ‘The Shining‘? Well Warner Bros., of course, and it looks like they want Alfonso Cuaron (‘Gravity‘, ‘Children of Men’) to direct the film! Cuaron seems to be in high demand at the studio as they not only want him back on the franchise train with a return to his Harry Potter directing roots with ‘Fantastic Beasts, And Where To Find Them‘ , but now they want him on this prequel which will be called ‘The Overlook Hotel’ as well.

Trying to do anything related to one of Kubrick’s masterpieces is a daunting task to begin with, but to focus on a prequel to the hotel in ‘The Shining’ is going to need a strong story and casting. While we have no details about the plot, the rumor mill is saying the script was written by Glen Mazzara of ‘The Walking Dead‘ fame who just signed on to write a new chapter in another horror franchise entree, ‘The Omen‘.

So with no plot details we don’t know if the film will be a completely new story or if it will be based off the prologue to the book titled ‘Before the Play’ which Warner Bros. may or may not have had the rights to the story in the first place.

While Cuaron isn’t officially confirmed to helm the film yet, he is apparently eyeing it. After the success of ‘Gravity’ he has a chance to really do just about any movie he wants as his next film so hopefully his choice is a good one.

Are you looking forward to return to the Overlook Hotel before the events we’ve witnessed in ‘The Shining’ or do you agree with Stephen King that this wasn’t a great adaptation of his work? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend