Last week’s episode of ‘Game of Thrones’,The Laws of Gods and Men,” ended on a cliffhanger. After delivering an impassioned speech, Tyrion demanded a trial by combat. It has not been an easy season for the little Lannister. Tyrion broke up with his girlfriend/whore Shae, was accused of killing Joffrey, abandoned by Sansa and betrayed by Shae when she testified against him. There are plenty of other characters and storylines that keep ‘Game of Thrones’rolling, but Sunday’s episode proved that Tyrion is the heart and soul of the show. Without him, Westeroes (and the show itself) would suffer. Sure, Dany’s storyline, though stale at times, offers viewers a nice break from the drama of King’s Landing, but would anyone watch Jon Snow mope at the Wall or Arya bicker with the Hound if Tyrion wasn’t so compelling? Peter Dinklage and the writers have managed to make Tyrion’s storyline the most interesting even though he has spent the majority of the season locked in a cell. “Mockingbird” was no different. Tyrion only interacted with three people this entire episode and yet, I found his scenes to be the most emotional and moving. ‘Game of Thrones’makes it so hard to root for characters at times, but Tyrion has become the closest thing this show has to a hero.

Without further ado, here is the recap for episode seven, “Mockingbird”

King’s Landing

Jamie berates Tyrion for spoiling the deal he made with Tywin last episode. The Knight of the Kingsguard promised his father that he would abandon his post and take his place at Casterly Rock if Tywin allowed Tyrion to take the Black and join the Night Watch at the Wall. Tyrion was ready to accept that plan until Shae testified against him. He was so upset that he demanded a Trial by Combat. Tyrion does not regret his rash decision. In fact, he finds joy in taking something away from Tywin that he wants. Jamie is concerned for his brother but cannot fight for him due to his disability. Tyrion asks Jamie to bring him Bronn. If he cannot have his brother as a champion, his sellsword friend is the next best thing. Jamie doesn’t look confident that Bronn will accept the offer, but he agrees to find him anyway. In fact, Jamie secretly knows that however Tyrion chooses will be no match for Cersei’s champion, the Mountain.

The queen watches in delight as Ser Gregor Clegane makes quick, bloody work of men in the courtyard. She asks him to fight and before Gregor or, the Mountain, knows who his opponent is, he agrees to fight.

The Riverlands

Arya and The Hound are on their way to the Vale when they come across a burnt down house. The Hound wants to check it for food. Before they can explore however, they find a dying man in the rubble. The three of them talk for a bit about philosophical topics until the Hound puts the man out his misery. He and Arya are about to leave when a man jumps out of nowhere and bitess the Hound in the neck. He kills him, but another man is waiting for them with a sword. The Hound finds out that there is a price on his head due to murdering Lannister soldiers earlier in the season. Arya recognizes the man and kills him. The Hound is proud of her technique and they move on.

Castle Black

Jon Snow and company return to the Wall after their victory at Craster’s Keep. You’d think they would be given a hero’s welcome, but no, many of the elders of the Night Watch still do not trust Jon after his little excursion with the wildlings in season three. They refuse to listen to him when he suggests shutting down the tunnel to prevent the wildlings penetrating the Wall. Instead, Jon and Sam are given watch duty. Well, so much for that.

King’s Landing

Bronn finally arrives to the dungeon to visit Tyrion only to tell Lannister that he cannot be his champion. Cersei set him up to marry Lollys Stokeworth and while Bronn likes Tyrion, he likes himself better. So Tyrion is left to scramble to find a man crazy enough to find someone who will fight the Mountain.


Daario waits for Daenaerys in her private chambers and while this would put most girls off, Dany seems intrigued by Daario’s persistence. He wants permission to do what he does best: slaughter people and romance women. Dany orders him to display his talents and the two sleep together.

The next morning, Daario makes the walk of shame from Dany’s chambers and runs into Ser Jorah. There is an awkward exchange between them and Jorah goes to Dany to inquire about her activities. Dany doesn’t really want to talk about it. Instead, she tells Jorah that Daario is returning to Yunkai to regain control of the city. Dany gave him permission to slaughter all the masters, but Jorah advises her against the tactic. He tells that instead, she should show them a little mercy. Dany agrees and tells Jorah to inform Daario of the change in plans.


Lady Selyse goes to visit Melisandre in the bath. It is clear that while she respects the Red Lady, she is also jealous of her youth. They talk about deception and how Melisandre uses lies to help people see the truth. Selyse wants to leave her daughter Shireen home when they go out to sea but Melisandre insists that they take her along. The Lord of Light has plans for her.

The Riverlands

The Hound is smarting over his neck wound but refuses to let Arya sterilize it with fire. He reveals that when he was a kid his brother Gregor put his face into the fire after he caught him playing with one of his toys. The Hound’s father defended his oldest son. Both he and Arya bond over being alone in the world and the Hound let’s her wash his wound.

On the Road

Brienne and Poderick dine at an Inn and Brienne makes the mistake of complimenting the chef, who happens to be Arya’s friend from season two, Hot Pie. He talks passionately about kidney pies and in order to shut him up, Brienne tells Hot Pie that she is searching for Sansa Stark. When they leave, Pod tells Brienne that he doesn’t think it’s wise to advertise that they are searching for Sansa. Brienne is about to respond when Hot Pie comes out and says that he knows Arya and saw her heading to the Vale with the Hound. Brienne assumes that Sansa might be there as well and the duo set off to find the two Stark girls.

King’s Landing

Just when Tyrion gives up hope of every finding a champion, Prince Oberyn throws his hat in the ring. He is sympathetic towards Tyrion and tells him about when he first saw Tyrion as a child. Cersei wanted him dead. Oberyn wants to fight the Mountain, who raped and killed his sister and her children. Tyrion is grateful for Oberyn’s offer. For the first time in a while, he has a little hope.

The Eyrie

Sansa enjoys walking around in the snow at the Eyrie. It reminds her of Winterfell. She builds a replica of her home in the snow but it is destroyed by Lord Robin after he has one of his fits. Sansa hits him and Robin runs off. Littlefinger witness the assault but promises that Sansa will not get in trouble for it. They talk and Sansa demands to know why Littlefinger killed Joffrey. He explains that he loved Catelyn and wanted to get back at those people who hurt her. Then the conversation takes a creepy turn when Littlefinger says that in a different world, Sansa would have been his daughter. But since she isn’t, Littlefinger kisses her. Lady Lysa watches them from afar.

Later, she calls Sansa to the throne room. Both women stand near the Moon Door while Lysa describes exactly what happens to the bodies when they hit the ground below. Lysa then takes Sansa and holds her over the Moon Door, demanding to know why she kissed Littlefinger. Sansa insisted that she didn’t but Lysa doesn’t believe her. Littlefinger walks in and stops Lysa. The Lady of the Vale is in tears. Sansa will never love him. She’s just like her mother. Littlefinger assures Lysa that he has only ever loved one woman: her sister, Catelyn. With that revelation, she pushes her out the Moon Door.

And that’s it for ‘Game of Thrones’ this week. The show is taking a two week hiatus and will return with its final three episodes.