Fox hasn’t given up on reviving ‘Alien Nation’ for a new generation.  The original movie, released in 1988, starring James Caan, Mandy Patinkin and Terrance Stamp is a cult classic and was adapted as a TV series on the fledgling Fox network.  The concept for both is that a group of aliens (referred to as Newcomers) migrate to Earth and must assimilate to human culture.  Mandy Patinkin plays Sam Francisco (but goes by George) who is paired with an anti-alien police officer (James Caan) to investigate a homicide.  The movie is more “buddy cop” than space-faring sci-fi adventure and the show followed up the storyline.

For a more in-depth summary of the show check out our ‘Throwback Thursday’ about it.  After the show ended due to budgetary reasons, five TV movies were made.  In 2009, Fox attempted to partner with the SyFy channel to revive the show, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your opinion of the SyFy channel), it never materialized, but Fox isn’t giving up on the idea.  (Reportedly a pilot was filmed.)

The studio is now planning to revive the concept not as a TV series, but as a new theatrical movie.  Mark Roybal and Ryan Jones are serving as executive producers and are currently meeting with writers to pen a completely new script from the ground up.

Hopefully, the remake will maintain the theme of alienation and cultural assimilation and not just be some flashy, CGI throw-away.  Sure our modern technology could add a lot to the story, so long as it doesn’t drown out the deeper meaning.

Are you a fan of the original movie, TV series or TV movies?  Are you excited about a modern-day remake?

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