When she isn’t playing the Black Widow in ‘The Avengers‘, it would seem that Scarlet Johannson (‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘,’Under The Skin‘) is ready to take up a new superhero persona in the upcoming film ‘Lucy‘. The first trailer for the film really took us all by surprise, not just by how great it made the film look but with the concept which hadn’t been expanded on that much in advance.

The latest trailer that we’re about to share with you? Well, it looks even better with new scenes and more action! What happens when a woman who is a drug mule accidentally absorbs the drugs which give her a higher grasp of intelligence that lets her out-think and therefore outfight almost any situation? That is what we’re going to see when ‘Lucy’ is released! Scarlet Johannson’s character evolves into an ass kicking machine that could put her role in ‘The Avengers’ to shame.

Before I go on any further, why don’t I give you the chance to check out the new trailer first hand!

So yes, it looks pretty amazing. Now, while I always figured the first real film that would have Johannson in the lead as a superhero would be a  Black Widow movie, it looks like this similar character is going to suit her quite well for her first superhero lead. What I have to wonder now is if this will quite realistically top what Marvel will be putting out for the Black Widow film? Of course, this seems as if it will be more action than spy work, but it’ll be hard to not compare the two once they’ve both been released.

Are you looking forward to check out ‘Lucy’ when it is released this Fall? Do you dig the concept? Share your thoughts below!

‘Lucy’ starring Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Choi Min-sik, and Analeigh Tipton opens on August 8, 2014.