In the last issue of ‘All-New X-Factor’, we ended the issue with a slightly suicidal Doug and his best friend Warlock (who appears to have an interest in Danger.) While all of the recent missions the team has been on have been to help their corporate masters, in this issue we see that Serval Industries doesn’t have much say in the mission that the team decides to take on.

There are a lot of interesting subjects touched upon in this book as it also moves forward to a normal comic themed plot. For example, we see an anti-mutant author release a fiction novel and it is questioned if you should read and enjoy the novel as a mutant even though the novel itself has nothing to do with the beliefs of its author. We have a the team debating what is too small for a superhero team to work on as the daughter of a media mogul is saying she wants to be free of living with her father. Do they help her or is that beyond where their responsibilities and legal limits lay?

The team end up deciding to go out of uniform so that Serval Industries won’t be involved. Of course, we also see that the Serval CEO is listening in on this entire conversation. Another reason to not trust his motives. In fact, even when Quicksilver is reporting to Alex about what they are up to, he decides to trust in the team and not mention that they are planning to break the young girl out.

Apparently the daughter of the man they have come to rescue is a little bit of a fruitcake having grown up in isolation. She does want to move out but doesn’t want to runaway. Sure her dad uses guns, but he doesn’t actually want to hurt mutants in general, regardless of what he is always saying in the media. Something is going on here that doesn’t quite add up yet.

The issue closes and we find out something very interesting about the daughter. There is a good chance you’ll have seen it coming but it still plays out well, even if it is a largely recycled idea at this point. To top it off, one of the team members might now be dead! We’ll have to wait for the next issue of ‘All-New X-Factor’ to see what is really going on.

P.S.: Once again Carmine Di is killing it with the art style. I don’t think I need to say more than that at this point with how much I’ve been gushing about it in each review so far.




Writer: Peter David
Artist: Carmine Di