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While it is obvious that ‘The Wire’ had a ton of actors in its cast, it would seem that they are standing out as top contenders when picking up new blood for ‘The Walking Dead‘. It was just announced that the series has added a third cast member that had previously starred on that series and this time it’s Seth Gilliam. Gilliam played Ellis Carver on the show for its entire five-season run and will be joining former ‘The Wire’ costars Chad Coleman who is currently cast as Tyreese and Larry Gilliard Jr. who is playing Bob.

While it could be considered fortunate casting,  it actually appears that ‘Walking Dead’ creator Robert Kirkman was a huge fan of the series which may have influenced some of these choices.

While Gilliam’s exact role is still unannounced it appears that he will be playing a man whose name is currently listed as Michael, which will probably be changed to a name that we’re more familiar with by the time the show airs. His character is described as friendly with a haunted side. It could be quite possible that he is up for the role of Gabriel Stokes who is a preacher that Rick’s members met before meeting the cannibal group known as The Hunters.

As it appears that we are just meeting our own little band of cannibals in the season finale of the series, it could be a good bet that we’ll be seeing a similar scene play out here. Since part of season five will be dealing with humanity, a preacher could be an interesting addition to the mix.


Are you excited to see Gilliam joining the cast? Do you think he is cut out to be the preacher, another pre-existing character, or an entirely new one made for the show? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter