“Once more into the fray, Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.” – Ottway, ‘The Grey’

Carrie Fisher, the Princess of Alderaan is again going toe to toe with William Shatner, Captain of the USS Enterprise. As you’ll no doubt remember back in 2011, Fisher and Shatner had a… “difference of opinion” over which science fiction staple held superiority in the grand scheme of things.

The argument, shall we say, has escalated.

Carrie Fisher And William Shatner Are At It Again!

The battleground in 2011 was YouTube, this time the gladiators chose Twitter as their arena.

It’s that age old argument, ‘Star Trek’ or ‘Star Wars’, which one is better? Why is this better than that? Are those teddy bears? Why is that girl green? Me? Well, I’m a die-hard fan of both. In my humble opinion, they are, (as they should be) two separate entities. ‘Star Wars’ is a space opera, ‘Star Trek’ is a science based series. I’m a live and let live kind of bloke, enjoy the show and be thankful we have them to enjoy for years to come.

It seemed the crescendo had faded into a rather odd memory. Until May fourth, better known to Sci-Fi aficionados as ‘Star Wars Day‘ rolled around. The initial volley came from Shatner:

And the retort from Fisher:

Fisher deals a one two punch with this reprisal:

With shields up, Shatner locks phasers and:

And then a photon torpedo:

To no avail, the Millennium Falcon outmaneuvers the torpedo, and fires this retweet laser:

So the staff at ScienceFiction.com leaves it up to you, fair reader. Is this skirmish the real “Doctor” McCoy? Or is this antagonism merely a Jedi mind trick to hide a couple of argumentative droids we weren’t looking for to begin with?

Leave your thoughts in the comments, my space faring followers. And if you’ve got any intel on Fisher and Shatner’s real relationship, be sure to send us a sub-space communique. Until next time, live long, and may the force be with you!