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Stargate‘ is the pinnacle alien series that has an Egyptian theme so how can it be told to move over? While I can’t be 100 percent sure that ‘Pharaoh’ will take the crown of Egyptian themed science fiction, there are a lot of indicators that this will at the very least give ‘Stargate’ a huge run for the money. Even if it doesn’t tap into the fan legions of the show, I’m pretty sure that ‘Pharoh’ will end up being a “Must Watch” series when it airs.

So what do we know about it that has me all excited? Well to start with, it’s going to be on HBO and aside from the campyness of ‘True Blood‘, they really do know how to make both a serious and beautiful series that can draw a viewer in.

Not enough for you with the network involved? Well let’s take a certain director who has signed up to develop the series who goes by the name of Ridley Scott (‘Blade Runner‘, ‘Alien’) and my interest is instantly piqued. Even with what happened with ‘Prometheus‘, I am easily willing to give anything he is involved with a watch.

Scott not enough for you? Well the project was spearheaded by David Schulner (‘Dracula’,’The Event’, ‘Do No Harm, ‘The Event’) who has had his hands in a lot of television on both the writing and producing side of things.

But what is the show even about? Well, it will obviously be in ancient Egypt and will show the influences that alien beings have on humanity. In fact, it will give a completely alternate explanation for the rise of the Egyptian empire in the region. I’m sure the Pyramids and hopefully Egyptian mythology will somehow come into play as well. So we don’t know a lot of the plot details or anything on casting, but alternate history always has my interest and mix in ancient Egypt and aliens? I’m sold!

Are you interested in another science fiction show set in Egypt or is this too much like ‘Stargate’ for you? Share your thoughts below!

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