While ‘Flash Gordon‘ may have done great in print, when it comes to the 1980 Mike Hodges directed film, the character had become one of the greatest laughingstocks of all time. The character himself was introduced in 1934 and there are plenty of good things to say about about him on paper, but wow, the movie was just bad. So with the trend in Hollywood to reboot movies all of the time, it is actually kind of surprising that this sports star turned superhero in space hasn’t gotten another shot at the big screen treatment. That is, until now.

Apparently it looks as if a new ‘Flash Gordon’ movie is not only in the works but already has screenwriters in the unfamiliar names of JD Payne and Patrick McKay, the same two writers who has been signed on to pen the still unnamed ‘Star Trek 3’ film with Roberto Orci.

In the comics by Alex Raymond, Flash Gordon wasn’t just an athlete but he was a Yale graduate as well. So yes, he had a head on his polo playing shoulders. He was kidnapped by Dr. Zarkov and taken to space as the Earth was struck by a meteor storm. While in space, Flash lands on the planet Mongo and ends up being a hero to the masses as he fights against the tyrnaical rule of the best named villain of all time: Ming the Merciless.

While the plot could have potential for a grand space opera or science fiction action movie it could also potentially be a huge disaster. I mean just take a look at what they did the last time around.

Yes, that train wreck is why Flash Gordon became a laughing stock of the science fiction universe. Would you be interested in seeing a reboot if it was done right though? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend