It was announced last year that the 1994 Van Damme starring film ‘Timecop‘ was getting a reboot and today it appears progress is being made on the project. For a film about time travel it sure seems to be coming together slow enough. It looks as if Universal has decided that a single writer just couldn’t do such an amazing piece of work justice, so has hired two in the writing duo Mark and Brian Gunn who are responsible for such hits as ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’, ‘Bring It on Again’, and ‘2gether’.

While I suppose everyone has to start somewhere, these two aren’t the first pair I think of when I think of a science fiction action film. To be fair, ‘Timecop’ isn’t the first thing that pops into my head with that description either so maybe they can make something work. Marc Shmuger is set to produce the film with Mike Richardson of Dark Horse set to be the executive producer.

To be fair, I do need to point out that the original film was based off of a comic book. The focus will clearly be using the source material and not the Jean-Claude, ahem, blockbuster that had already been released. The last Dark Horse film to get rebooted was ‘Dredd‘ which ended up doing quite well in fan eyes so there is always a chance.

What are your thoughts on rebooting ‘Timecop’? Are you excited for some time travel action or were you happy with the original? Share your thoughts below!

Original Film Synopsis:

The perfection of time travel brings with it new opportunities for criminals. The government sets up a special police force (Time Enforcement Commission) to ensure the new technology isn’t abused. Max Walker, one of these timecops, learns of a corrupt politician’s plot to become president using the device. Senator McComb discovers Walker on his trail and the real action begins–in Walker’s own past!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter