Last week, ABC announced that they would not be renewing ‘Once Upon A Time In Wonderland’, the limited run spinoff of their successful fairytale reimagining series ‘Once Upon A Time’ starring Sophia Lowe, Naveen Andrews, and John Lithgow. Unlike the main show that largely took place in the northeastern town of Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forrest, this one focused on the world of Wonderland and two lovers who did everything in their power to be together again. And while we’re set to say goodbye to the Queen of Hearts, Jafar, and Alice, it looks like one character will be making the jump back to the original series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Michael Socha is expected to join the cast of ‘Once Upon A Time’ next season as Will Scarlet AKA The Knave of Hearts as a series regular. However, this is not a done deal at the moment because the network has not officially given the series from Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz another season order just yet. Considering the popularity of the show, it’s considered a lock for a renewal, but you never know what could happen in Hollywood between now and the time that ABC announces their 2014-2015 schedule.

While the Knave became a fan favorite in ‘Wonderland’ that fans would be excited to see on the flagship show, there were still a number of other interesting characters on the show. Even though no other names have been mentioned to be heading to Storybrooke at the moment, it’s possible that someone else from the spinoff could show up down the line.

What do you think about Michael Socha reprising his role as the Knave of Hearts in ‘Once Upon A Time’? Are you excited for him to join Emma, Snow, Charming, and the whole gang? Share your thoughts in the comments below.