What happens when you mix the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico alien space landing, the blob, and a young man whose entire life caused him to hate himself and all those around him? You get a glimpse of the madness that exists within the mind of H.E. Goodhue as he unleashes ‘Pink Slime’ upon the world!

Previously I had been a fan of Goodhue’s works in the extremely entertaining ‘Zombie Youth’ series so when I saw that he was entering new territory with the undead I was completely interested. What I didn’t expect was such a bizarre route for him to go and how much I enjoyed every moment of it (and let me tell you this will be a quick read!)

Shortly after the crash in New Mexico, the United States government approved a new food substance to be safe and it was soon added to fast food menus the world over. Could such a thing really help end the world’s food problems? Maybe, but maybe not.

We follow Andy Holstein who is a staunch supporter of the new substance as he loves the taste (and the price!) It’s one of the few things he loves as he really hates his own life. Tormented in every aspect of it he truly hates the world and food is his only escape. From a job he hated to a car he hated more to every little bad thing you think could happen to a person happening. While things seem all bad, it is clear within the first chapter that some things aren’t that horrible but Andy is too down in the dumps to recognize even a possibility of anything good in his life. The food helps relieve it all, which is great until Andy starts hearing a voice inside that offers him revenge on everyone and everything that he has ever hated as long as he keeps eating the cheeseburgers that he oh so loves.

Pink Slime has infected the food system and more importantly infected Andy as well. For those of you familiar with the classic horror film ‘The Blob’ you are going to love this throwback to the film. Well, at least in spirit of what the monster seems to end up being. However, for the actual fear factor that is created you are going to love the way Goodhue has made the creature actually terrifying to behold. Something that in this day and age you wouldn’t think possible from the classic as audiences these days have a slightly different take on what is scary.

Horror isn’t the only aspect you’ll be enjoying here as there is plenty of satire on horror and humanity to be found within. Chills and laughs are mixed in a way that will keep the pink and slimy pages turning from beginning to end! If you like it when humor and horror is mixed in a way that works and are in the mood for a different take on what aliens from space could end up doing to our world (and just one more reason to avoid fast food) this one will be a page turner that you’ll enjoy flying through.


Written By: H.E. Goodhue