Batwoman zones in on Wold-Spider, the art thief who has been targeting the works of an obscure painter from the Great Depression named Eisenstadt.  Though the painter is something of a nobody, Batwoman starts to figure out that his final works before his suicide are actually clues leading to a larger prize.

Upon Maggie’s insistence, however, Kate visits a psychiatrist after frightening Maggie’s daughter Jamie.  It doesn’t exactly go stellar.  However as rocky as things get, Maggie and Kate seem to remain a rock solid couple.

Batwoman then realizes that one of the remaining Eisenstadt paintings is in Arkham Asylum (of course, why would it be anywhere else?) and must venture there to try and foil Wolf-Spider’s next robbery.

There are two artists credited this issue, Jason Masters and Jeremy Haun.  It isn’t clear who drew what, but their work is similar and works really well together.  This was a little bit of a slower paced issue, but both artists do a great job working with the quieter moments.  There are lots of tiny details to really flesh out the artwork.  (The psychiatrist’s bow tie, the one guard’s beard…)

As far as plot, this issue was a tiny bit slow.  Next issue is teased and it would appear to be much more action-packed, but there’s a lot of character development to make up for it here.

Over all, though it was a slower issue, it still added to the over all reading experience.

Next issue, it appears that Batwoman will have to face the vampire-like Nocturna and some of the other super villains from Arkham Asylum, so that should deliver on the action.

Over all, this was more of a character building issue, but it worked well.




Written by Marc Andreyko
Art by Jason Masters and Jeremy Haun
Cover by Trevor McCarthy