In the first issue of ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ #1, we saw that class isn’t back in session! What we’re actually getting here is a bit of what is going on between semesters with Hank in space with a few of the more interstellar kids, Wolverine trying to find a good role model for Evan, Quire having an inner struggle about the Phoenix, a new student that appears to be in tune with nature being introduced, and an ending that teased we’ll be seeing a bit of the Phoenix sooner than later.

So where does that leave us here? Well the cliffhanger ending of ‘The Phoenix’ showing up on everyone’s phone was actually advertising by a newly formed company known as The Phoenix Corporation who just appeared out of nowhere and has the capital of a major conglomerate. Not only that, but to really show everyone they mean business they took the shattered nation state of San Lorenzo and rebuilt it overnight. For those of you who think that sounds familiar it was shattered in the war between The Avengers and the Phoenix Five. This is just one of many hints that the writer has actually have been reading the series the past few years.

So where does that put our characters in this issue? Well, we see Wolverine running head first into battle and is stopped by Storm who shocks some sense into him, literally and figuratively. It is one of the best set of lines in the entire issue but let me tell you, she is not the only person to put Logan in his place. Being killable is annoying but for once it is providing some entertaining commentary.

As she calms him down they learn from Anole, who is now running Worthington Industries, about the The Phoenix Corporation. This scene was another throw back to the last series as a joke in Anole’s economics class put him at the head of the company where he now resides.

So who is this Phoenix Corporation? Well Quinten Quire went with Wolverine’s usual approach and charged head first to find out. We know they are apparently run by a young child who may or may not be a mutant. (Please don’t be a new take on the Hellfire Club, we just got over that.) Not only that but it is guarded by a man who looks extremely familiar and came from a future where he was trained by the Askani to come back and save mutant-kind from a horrible event that is about to happen which may include Apocalypse.

Gee, I feel like we’re getting a repeat of Cable for some reason. Bonus points for him having some huge grudge against something Wolverine did. Could it possibly be saving Evan who will eventually grow up to destroy the world? Still possible predictability aside, I’m interested enough to see what happens with both Evan and Quiere featuring so prominently and the fact they have already teased a grown up Evan as Apocalypse going toe to toe with a Phoenix powered Quire.


Writer: Jason Latour
Cover Artist: Mahmud Asrar