So where are we now that Sally’s back to into the original timeline? For starters, as a viewer, adjusting to the fact that things are back to the normal-ish ways, though that changes rather quickly as Josh finds himself being used as a personal werewolf turning device when he trusts the wrong people while Aidan has to confront his ex-wife Suzanna and her unreasonable demands to show he’s a changed man…errr, vampire.

For those needing a refresher, Josh had the nice little scrap with Mark when the latter discovered Josh and his wife, Wendy, made the beast with two backs when they were in wolf form. Well, Josh uses the time to bring the pissed off hubby and their mutual friend Andrew out to the woods in order to show them that he can go full on fur mood sans the moon. On the other side of the ‘Being Human’ triumvirate, Aidan’s being nagged to death by Suzanna who is putting the full court guilt press on for him to show he’s truly sorry for killing Amy—the redhead he drained a few episodes ago. “Sometimes remorse isn’t enough,” she told him and to show her he’s ‘on the straight and narrow’, she wants him to kill the new vampire leader of Boston—Kenny.

Our friendly ghost Sally’s giving Josh the business regarding Nora, urging him not to give up on his wife but Josh can’t deal with Nora being afraid of him and hastens to get out and meet up with Andrew and Caroline at their new home. Before he leaves, he reminds Sally this isn’t the life she experienced but it is his reality. As Josh walks out on her, Sally runs into a shirtless Aidan. The encounter is quite uncomfortable for our lovely ghost as she recalls Aidan’s words to “make me remember.” For his part, Aidan has no clue what’s going on between the two of them.

I don’t think Josh was expecting this type of welcome into the pack

Josh is taking in Andrew and Caroline’s new pad when Mark comes in. He brings up the pre-full moon house party they’re going to have and though Josh is hesitant to join, Mark pushes the issue, saying “It’s not a party without our pack leader.” It’s a bold statement, one that Josh isn’t quite comfortable with though he appreciates being around people that want to be him. Sally knows it’s not him and suggests some magical 1-2-3 can turn him back into just your normal, run of the mill werewolf but Josh won’t hear it, especially if it endangers Sally. “Whatever I am now, I can deal with,” he tells her, “Losing you forever…that’s not an option.” He stands by it, despite the knowledge that Nora can’t accept the wolf he’s become. Of course, Sally won’t let it go, retreating out of the room after her matchmaking call to Nora succeeds and the latter strolls through the door to get the rest of her stuff. They share an awkward conversation before Josh tells her to “be safe”. It’s a decidedly underwhelming response to the woman he loves but, in Josh’s defense, he doesn’t want to be reminded of Nora’s fear for his new alpha evolution.

Josh makes his way back to the pack party as he and Mark share some male bonding time. That is, until Charlotte, a decidedly non-werewolf sparks some suggestive conversation but Josh’s mind is focused on her and the others partying it up—others that have yet to be turned. He confronts Andrew and Mark about it only to find they want to create an even larger pack to combat Kenny rebuilding the vampire population. The only problem is they need Josh’s control to scratch the volunteers as he’s the only one in full control of his inner beast. He refuses to partake in it but the pack is desperate and they jolt him with a taser and lock him up in a cage, still trying to convince him it’s the thing to do. He staunchly refuses and they hit him with a few more pulses to force the transformation. The others come down to see it, one of which is Kenny’s girl, Astrid.

Rewinding things a little bit, Aidan pays Kenny a visit, Suzanna’s insistence still heavy on his mind. He talks to his son about the population hike and the younger vampire insists it’s much different than the old guard, more open minded. Aidan can’t help but hear a little bit of Bishop in Kenny’s new enterprise and, after steeling himself, looks as if he’s ready to deliver the killing stroke when Astrid comes in and Aidan catches the true feelings between the young lovers. Kenny remarks on the changes he’s making and tells his father “If I can go anywhere with Astrid and not get hassled for it, I’ll do it.” Aidan leaves but not before posing the question to Kenny; is he doing all this for Astrid or for himself.

While Sally and Nora are sharing girl talk—Sally about loving Aidan in the other timeline and Nora feeling that she’s enabling Josh were she to stay—Aidan finally admits to Suzanna that Kenny’s his son. “I gave my word to do whatever it takes to protect him.” He’s made his stance and despite Suzanna’s anger, she gives him 2 months to reign Kenny in and bypassing subtlety when she threatens Aidan if he’s unsuccessful toning down his child. After the intense conversation with his ex-wife, Aidan goes to Sally for advice. Should he let her go or try to rekindle what they once had? It’s a tricky position for Sally to be in but she’s doesn’t bite her tongue, adamant that Suzanna or Kat are right for him. “You need someone who knows that you slip…that you’re not perfect but loves you anyway.” She proclaims he needs someone who believes he’ll make it there someday but Aidan doesn’t believe that person exists, unaware that she’s standing right in front of him. Before she can think to tell him, Astrid bursts into the house, telling them how the pack has captured Josh.

1 on 5 isn’t what I’d call great odds, even for our favorite vampire

With Astrid’s direction, Aidan and Nora stake up the house with Sally providing intel on Josh’s location. The two break in and start to free Josh with Mark and some of the others get back. Knowing he’s their only way of escape, Aidan buys time for Nora to get her hubby out, taking on three, then five werewolves and despite holding his own for a bit, the odds are too much and he’s overwhelmed. Sally’s watching it all until Mark readies to send Aidan to the ashy vampire cloud in the sky. She jumps into Andrew, surprising the others. It gives Aidan the time he needs and, with her help, takes out four of the five werewolves. Aidan orders her not to jump into the last man standing but she ignores him, using the body to remind Aidan what they had. The ensuing kiss is both hilarious and disturbing…and very good though Aidan’s still miffed about why Sally went there. Before the two can discuss it, Aidan gets an SOS text from Kenny and he makes his way to his son’s HQ only to find him down for the count with a vengeful Suzanna standing between him, stake in hand. She tries to make it about saving lives but Aidan finally realizes “it’s about Isaac; it’s always been about Isaac.” She injects him with the same juniper herb she did Kenny and the already exhausted Aidan falls to his knees. She puts the stake in his hand and over the helpless Kenny’s heart. She wants Aidan to feel what she did when she killed Isaac as if that will be the push he needs to forever shun the need to kill. It all clicks then; Suzanna’s never forgiven herself for Isaac’s death and though Aidan promises that he’s forgiven her, understands that’s not enough. She has to forgive herself. Despite his pleas she refuses to acknowledge it and he has no choice but to drive the stake into her heart. “Forgive yourself,” he whispers as the surprised and, possibly relieved, Suzanna crumbles into a pile of ash.

It’s been one helluva night for Aidan who returns home to find Josh asleep and Sally in the ghostly vegetative state, a side effect of body possession. He can’t understand why she’d do something so stupid when Nora lets the cat out of the bag. “She’s in love with you, dummy.” If the kiss was a surprise, this was a bombshell of nuclear proportions. He’s stunned by the revelation and when Nora tells him “You have to make sure she gets better so she can tell you herself”, Aidan confesses that he would do  “anything for her.”

Too bad Sally can’t hear Aidan’s proclamation. She wakes up in an old room filled with dolls and experiences, for the second time and just as helpless as before as the ‘little smokies’ girl is ritualistically sacrificed.

Back on Track…Sort of

  • After a few weeks’ hiatus from the original timeline, it was a jarring experience getting back into the fold, one that mimicked Sally’s own crash landing back into her original world. Now that she’s back to her ghostly form, she can’t tell Aidan the truth as what could really come of it? It’s not until Sally gets the body-possession high that she throws caution to the wind and pours her heart into a “remember this” kiss to her love. When Nora makes things clear for Aidan, he has to confront his own feelings, feelings that, just like Sally’s, have been there for quite some time.
  • It’s always been fascinating how deep we can get lost in our own self-loathing. For more than 200 years, Suzanna has allowed the parasite of disgust continue its growth within her for killing her and Aidan’s son. Aidan’s forgiveness was not enough nor was it expected. The most important person to forgive you is you and, until you’re able to believe you deserve it, you can never heal. The guilt and self-hatred was rooted so deeply into Suzanna that there was never any hope of her to have a life. Aidan killing her not only saved Kenny but put Suzanna at peace. A peace she never would have had in this life.