Following the now legendary Red Wedding massacre, don’t expect things to bounce back brighter and happier.  These foreboding teaser trailers and posters bear the slogan “Valar Morghulis”, or “All Men Must Die.”  Westeros has never been a particularly inviting fantasy kingdom.  It certainly doesn’t appear to be getting and moreso.

First, let’s start with the video teasers.  Though not much is given away, we go check in with a few fan favorites.

First up is Tyrion Lannister:

Next up, the Khaleesi herself, Daenerys Targaryen:

And finally, a group video, dedicated to The Starks… y’know the ones who are still alive:

The clips are all tantalizingly short, and while these images won’t spill any real details about the upcoming season, we do have some dramatic, black and white posters, showcasing a broader chunk of the cast.  Click on each image to enlarge it!

Oh King Joffrey… could that face BE any more slappable?

Not to spoil anything, but the upcoming season will cover events from the second half of Book 3 and extend all the way to events from Book 5.

What do you think?  Can you handle more bloodshed and drama?

Source: Screen Rant