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Well it looks as if the science fiction thriller called ‘Vice‘ starring Bruce Willis (‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For‘.’G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘) has found some major distribution! Berlin’s European Film Market the German/U.K. Group K5 International sold distribution rights to the film to over 37 countries after it was introduced! The main markets that it has already sold to are Russia, Scandinavia, Japan, China and Benelux!

Not bad at all for a film that doesn’t begin production until next month. It all starts in March in Alabama, which is good as they are shooting for a 2015 release date.

The film is being directed by Brian A. Miller (‘The Prince’,’House of the Rising Sun’) and also co-stars Ambyr Childers (‘2 Guns’, ‘Gangster Squad’) and Thomas Jane (‘The Mist’, ‘Dreamcatcher’).

In the film we see Willis playing Julian, who owns a resort for the overly rich. Only, the wealthy guests who visit his resort are there to live out their darkest fantasies on synthetic humans are are used as slaves that they play out their desires on. At the end of each night the memories are erased and the cycle starts over again. Childer’s character is on of these synthetics and her character, Kelly, malfunctions and ends up remembering everything that has happened to her by the guests. With all of these horrible memories now in her mind she goes out to commit revenge on all of her human tormentors, in both the guests and the resort’s actual staff as well.

The general plot really feels like a largely updated riff on the classic ‘Westworld’ film only a bit more sadistic in nature. I suppose we’ll get a better idea of the focus on the film as it moves closer to it’s 2015 release date.

What do you think about Willis playing such a twisted role?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.