When ‘Chuck’ came to a close fans of the series were torn. On the one hand there was a lot of closure and on the other there was just enough left off with an open ended cliffhanger that could give us another season or even a movie. Hold your horses right there though, as series co-creator Josh Schwartz (‘Cult’, ‘Gossip Girl’) recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly and mentions that while the Kickstarter campaign for ‘Veronica Mars’ was a success, there are no current plans to continue ‘Chuck’. Just to keep us guessing, though, he also threw in a ‘never say never’ comment:

“It certainly came up after the Veronica Mars news surfaced and all of a sudden that being a viable thing. What it really comes down to is what is the story you want to tell. I know in the case of ‘Veronica Mars’, they had a whole plan for that fourth season that they didn’t get. So the story was not complete. Whatever it is, you want the chance to tell that story. We were very fortunate with Chuck. As much as we always felt the end was coming, we did get five seasons of the show and an opportunity to tell a lot of story..”

Even with the story told, though, there was a cliffhanger as we all know. So could there be a way for ‘Chuck’ to comeback?

 “You’re starting off with a question to answer certainly, and it’s a spy story so there’s always a new a mission, there’s always a new bad guy, there’s always a new need for Chuck to save the day. Never say never. I’m very proud of the show. Obviously our fans were an incredible part of the show. We wouldn’t have been able to tell as much story as we did if it wasn’t for those fans eating all those sandwiches!”

Clearly television is out if they went the Kickstarter route, so what format would the show be in?

“I guess you gotta go movie, right? Although the Marvel/Netflix model is really interesting. Maybe we’d do it Avengers style where you follow Sarah and Chuck on a mission, you’ve got Casey on a mission, you’ve got Jeffster on tour, and then the final season is everyone gets together.”

You can read the full interview over at Entertainment Weekly.

Fans of ‘Chuck’ would you go see a film based off of the character or did they leave it off with just the right kind of cliffhanger?