Well it looks as if Bryan Singer (‘X-Men: Days of Future Past‘, ‘Superman Returns‘) wants to keep his hands busy aside from working on the X-Men Universe as his Bad Hat Harry Productions has just picked up the rights to Red 5 Comic’s new series, ‘Haunted’. The original story was written by Scott Chitwood (‘Drone’, ‘Dead or Alive’), illustrated by Danny Luckert, and colored by Ivan Plascencia (‘Neozoic: Trader’s Gambit’). As the deal has barely been announced, there is no word on who will be adapting or directing this four part horror action series for the big screen.

Unless the series ends with a way to continue or has more mini-story arcs in the works this would likely be a one shot film.

In the comics, the barrier between our world and the spiritual realm was mysteriously torn apart allowing the Earth to be overrun by ghosts, demons and poltergeists. Creatures once thought to be mythological terrorized mankind and society collapsed. Thirteen years later, Sarah McCallister manages to survive by being tough, smart, and looking out only for herself. But when a chance to set the world back to normal arises, she finds herself in the compromising position of putting her faith in strangers for the first time.

Now THAT sounds like it has the making of a good ghost story that could truly be an epic tale.

According to the author:

“The problem with most ghost stories is that if the characters simply leave the haunted house, all of their problems are over. But if the entire world is the haunted house, there’s nowhere to run or hide. Imagine the end of ‘Ghostbusters,’ but with the heroes failing and Gozer taking over the world…Sarah survived a traumatic and dangerous childhood, constantly on the run from all manner of horrors. But if she is to have any hope of saving the world, she must go against every instinct that has kept her alive so far.”

It’s clearly an interesting take for a character, and for a movie? Well Chitwood has been a long-time fan of ‘The Usual Suspects’ and Singer’s ‘X-Men’ films, so the fact that Singer’s production company has decided to take this on sounds like a match made in heaven.

‘Haunted’ doesn’t sound to be your general spandex wearing super hero comic conversion and sounds to be more in line with ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Sheltered‘. What do you think of this one being converted to the big screen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Coming Soon